Pyramid Power
Sacred Geometry Part Six

Much has been said of the power of the pyramid.. and some of it's even true :)
that food placed under one will not spoil.. that razor blades will not rust etc etc.
well as a matter of fact ... there's a certainly validity to those claims

Ok ......... Why ?

It's just a shape right ? While in one respect yes..
just the same as the circle , the pentagon , the pentagram ,
even the flower of life are all just shapes .. but they are much more
the pyramid is no exception

When we think of pyramids we think of Egypt
and understandably so, as they made the most use of them
They built them for the Nobles to lie in after death
as they felt the pyramids power would preserve them
and as we have seen by the well preserved state of mummies
found in such places, they were more or less correct

Ok but again.. why ?

It has to do with the sacred geometry of forms
the pyramid is especially well suited to channeling energy
think of energy as a flow of water ... now imagine pouring a cup of water
over say a cube ? Or a globe..?

The cube would tend to let the water fall off one edge
which is why Feng Shui works ... our tendency to make square houses
means parts of our homes get more energy flow than others
just by their shape alone ... Feng Shui attempts to correct this imbalance
ditto for just about any other shape you could name

The Pyramid however .. if you pour water on the direct center of it
will sheet the water evenly to all sides at once
( Ya can tell I have actually done this one..hehehhehe..)
This is what makes it a prefect shape for channeling energy

In times of old.. a Witch was always portrayed with a conical pointed hat
of which we make much fun of now a days
but there was good sound, practical reasoning behind such garb

The witch would be sitting under the closest thing to a pyramidal shape
one can wear, and thereby increase the flow of energy for the rites
The priestess of old Egypt commonly wore a literally pyramidal hat
made of metal during their rites for the same reason

Nor was this habit limited to the Craft
check out any picture of the ladies of old Europe during the middle ages
Remember those tall pointed hats they wore..?
It was not just a fashion statement, it was a form of talisman for protection from disease

The Esoteric reasons

The circle is the realm of spirit ... all things combined with the here and now,
and all that is above us at once.. which is why we use a circle to perform the rites
We are human however .. finite.. the pentagon with its measurable sides
is a representation of man ... The Pyramid however takes the cube of man
and the circle of power, and brings the realm of spirit into the realm of Earth
There are many such forms in use but the pyramid works best of all

Scientists know that specific shapes create energy.
Look at the Arc of the covenant ... they tried to build a copy of it once
they almost demolished the building it was housed in ( the wearing of the breastplate
of Artemis, with all its jewels placed just so, when dealing with the Arc
was not just for show, it was a simple circuit board
that would allow you to get near the thing, without getting hurt )

There is a whole body of literature on this if your interested

All forms have there own power
from the outer world of space to the inner man and the cells
that make up your body ... all are based on the same forms

The pyramid shape is the simplest, yet one of the most powerful
representations ... No matter what material you use
stone, metal, paper, if you make a pyramid shape and face one side
to magnetic North, an energy field is generated ... just get a compass and align it
Some materials make a better energy field than others
I have found copper to be one of the best myself

If one looks at the Great pyramids you find even more, being
where they are placed on the earth itself in relation to each other
If you look at it, it creates what is called the "golden mean or ratio"
which is just an overfancifed name for the most basic formula of numbers
called a Fibonacci (off site link) series which means The next number in line
is the addition of the two before it ect etc.

Which happens to be what ? The most basic fact of numbers there is
we still use this formula for just about everything
if you have ever done algebra, you know this series.
It creates this lovely curved shape, that looks like a nautilus shell

Now you know why the Nautilus shell is so commonly seen in Esoteric work :)

This comes as no surprise, if you understand that Egypt created
the mathematics needed to build the Great pyramids
math which is the basis for almost all we do today ... especially in building things

This number crunching, is what allows the computer you are using
to view this to work at all ... massive amount of numbers
translated into form ... the same thing happens on the phone
The voice becomes numerical data ... which is then translated back into a voice
Everywhere you look, you will see these numbers in action

There first recorded application, was the pyramids of Giza

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