Poems, Rites and Odes to the Goddess
A Little history ... Sacred Things ... Blessed Be All Her Faces :)
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  • Isis, May our Lady's wings enfold you ( by Ja'Nell )

  • Quan Yin the Lotus Lady of compassion and Mercy. Blessed Be

  • Selene Our Lady of Moonlight, Great Mother of Night

  • Pele The Lady of Blessed Fire....Mother of creation

  • My Lady Freya...Chooser of the Slain..Mistress of Lightning

  • Bridget Our Lady of the Sword and Song

  • Arianrhod Lady of the Sliver Wheel of Stars

  • Aphrodite...Lady of Love, Beauty and Bliss

  • Cerridwin...Our Lady of Wisdom

  • Kali...Slayer of Demons, Destroyer of Ignorance

  • Skekhinah Architect of the World,Beersheba of the Seven Wells

  • Ceres ... Goddess of Sunshine and Grains..The Harvest Mother

  • Yemaya ... Mermaid Mother of Oceans From which all life came

  • Matushka Zemlia Moist Mother Earth, Goddess who is ALL

  • Sedena .. Mother of Seals and Walrus, Dancer of the Waves

  • Asase Yaa Old Mother Earth,of Africa, Giver of Law and Justice

  • Amaterasu .... Great Shining Heaven, The Sun Goddess of Grace

  • Xochiquetzal Great Mother of Love and Passion

  • Zoryas.Day Star, Evening Star, MidNight Guardians of the World

  • Estsanatlehi The Changing Woman, Mother of the Medicine Wheel

  • Inanna Reborn Queen of Heaven,Mistress of Life and Death

  • Ostara Sweet Mother of Springtime ,Maiden of Life

  • Ode to the Dark Mother .. Hail my Lady of Shadows

  • Kaltes...Great Mother of Moonlight Bright

  • Temple of Bast

  • Hecate Mother of Crossroads

  • Persephone, Goddess of Spring and the Underworld ( Tianie )

  • Baba Yaga, the Bone Mother

  • Goddess, by Luna Moonchild (Sarah Stansbury)
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    Publish date, Nov, 14th, 07
    Smaller supplementals will be published as more odes are written

    Soon to come, when I find the time, Odes to the God.

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    Embracing the Feminine,
    The Way of the Goddess,
    But What of the God ?