Book of Shadows, Free art by Pagan and Proud, which is me :)
Why there are No spells
or a BOS on this site :)

I have been asked repeatedly to put up my BOS, or in my case of shadows
Thecno pagan that I am, up on site. In particular my spell work.
This page is to explain, in brief, why I don't intend to do that, respectfully yours

Spell work is very personal, meaning what works for me, may not work for you
for one thing. Spells are an extension of the Will of the Witch, and therefore other than
basic concepts, anothers work can not really BE used by anyone else IMPO.

Spell Craft is something one learns to do ,as a matter of personal insight
You can do any spell by rote, which is often how one learns the basic components
but it will have little meaning unless you have a personal investment in it. There are
" basic" spells which most anyone could use, as their intent is basic. Like to bless a room spell
of which there are million permutations dependent on what room.
Or various binding spells etc. which are very commonplace.

My page on Kitchen Magick

But beyond basics of Hedge wife,
one must create them yourself, in order for them to work, for you ! As only you know all the
variables at work here. A good spell is like making yourself a tailor made garment,
it is made to fit you, and only you. It's gonna hang like a sack on anyone else

So my with regard to my spells, will stay right where it is and it's even encrypted
beats the heck out of trying to learn Latin or something :)

Now my rites and rituals, be welcome to them , you can find them here
Plus any other information that I possess, is yours for the asking
If you don't find what you seek on site, email me and tell me what you are looking for
I will do my best to get the information up for you

Blessings on you and yours

The image above is made by me and is free for personal use
please do give credit if you use it somewhere :)