Should We or Shouldn't We ?

Accept Money for Divination
That is the question

Cystal ball
I am a Diviner
I read Runes .. Tarot .. Cartouche ..
I have done so for many years
Now while it's true I have done 90 % of it for free 
I have also been paid to do it from time to time
And it worked just fine
no matter which way it went ..
So I think that answers where I stand on it :)

However.. why is this even an issue at all ?

Does the word Charlatan ring a bell .. ?
At one time the role of Diviner was an honorable trade
for Trade it was, often a very highly respected and highly paid one
The fact that it was so lucrative is most likely what led
( and sorry to say ) leads to it's mis-use and abuse
I have been told by Pagans and Non pagans alike things like
" your not supposed to accept money for THAT "
" If you keep selling the gift ... it will leave you "
" how do I know your telling me the truth since I am paying for it "
The first and the last are the problem ,
the middle one I wont even dignify by discussing
as it's hogwash plain and simple, but it comes from the other two
If one is given a talent for say ... singing
No one thinks it odd if one gets paid for singing
in fact if your very good, they would think it odd if you did not
Why should the Goddess given talent of divination be any different ?

People have always wanted, and will always want
a peek into the window of tomorrow
Which is what most people think
divination is all about .. the future.. and it often is
but it's not a concrete future . It's a possible one.
based on what the person does or does not do,
the reading often changes the course,
by giving them information
Which is the whole point of getting one to begin with
A good reading will give you not only the possible tomorrow
but the events leading to it this is the point of possible change
for better or worse.. it's a hint about the self

I am still asked., foolish questions like...
"Who will I marry ?"
To which I tell them "whoever they want to" ,
ya don't need a reading to answer that
Now if the question being asked is what may happen if I marry .. ?
That I might get an answer to .. and so it goes 
Now that's the way the system works,
but what of this payment business ?

Well the image of

" Cross my palm with Silver and I will tell you your fate"
Comes to mind like something off a bad melodrama
.. but consider this .. the Old gypsy fortune teller,
no matter if she was real or not would most certainly say
money first .. for anything .. as anyone could stiff them anyway they pleased,
to whom could they complain ?
As nomads they came under no ones jurisdiction
as a point of law, so were outside of its protections
And were not trusted by anyone to boot,
since they were nomads , they could cheat you up one side
and down the other, and be gone tomorrow
But they offered such exciting entertainment
that people tended to speak from both sides of their mouth about them
Decrying them in one breath ,
and sneaking off to go have their future read ,
when they thought nobody was looking .. :)
Much the same as they do now
with modern day diviners. People use them, like mad,
but it's like it's some little dirty secret
Anyone who openly admits going to one ,
Especially anyone who takes it seriously,
is treated like they are some kind of Nut :)

Now what I have found with regards to payment
.. is this.. I have often charged a fee for my services
Particularly with total strangers, say during Festival's
Where having regular John Doe Public walking up to the table, was the norm
Which is quite another affair than people who visit a readers private
room in the back of the local herb shop or something.

So I would make a point to charge a fee
simply because I wanted the person to listen to me,
And not treat the matter as some kind of parlor game
As such persons may never have gotten a reading before,
In their lives, and are often skeptics.
 What you get for Free you often tend to ignore,
especially if it's not something you want to hear
But if you paid good money for it ,
you tend to listen more ... at least this has been my experience
But its been set in the social mind .. that paid = Fake
So it's 50 50 odds as to which paying for it
is going to invoke .. Belief or skepticism

There's also this to consider, way back when,
when the idea that such things should be free,
was begun in our mind set, was an attempt to control rampart Charlatans
Swamis of every kind were coming outa the woodwork ,
sucking up money like a vacuum cleaner
But you couldn't outlaw something you couldn't "prove" was fake
( not to mention had to admit it even existed at all, in order to outlaw it )
So the campaign began, to infiltrate
the social mind with the concept of ....
That if a diviner asks for money
they are lying to you
and just want the money

Now this most certainly did take the wind outa the sails of those
who were riding the diviners cloak to fame and glory I am sure
But it also made it real hard on
the whole idea of divination as a trade
I mean who would bother taking it up
during those times, when one did not have time
to waste on non productive things .. ?
Helping your fellow man in this fashion is great,
but it puts no bread on the table 
if one is forbidden to make money from it

One must make a living too, so it took a back seat
to the needs of day to day living
Now it's seeing a comeback ... a major one ..
and a lot of it, in my personal opinion, bogus ,because why ?

Because it's gone back
to being a very money making affair
There are new 900 number Phone lines and the like put in daily !

Now is everyone
whose making money
as a Diviner a Fake.. ?

Of Course Not !
There is now, the same problem that people faced
during its last heyday, to weed out the Charlatans,
from those with the real gift, who will tell you what they really see


How do you know which is which ?

Here's my rule of thumb...for telling which is which
If they ask you for all kinds of information, before or even during the reading
most likely they are not real, or are very foolish readers !
A skilled reader of people
can draw all manner of information out of a person
and with that information give them a reading that seems like magic
As they have let the person tell them all they needed to know,
and the person is always surprised as in "how did you know ?"
With this kind of "reading"
the answer is simple,
they know because you told them ..
all they needed to do is ask the right questions


I get asked " How did you know ? .. a lot ... !
But then I don't ask my client a thing, before I read for them, nor do I
ask any questions during it
I don't even want to know, what issue they want to know about,
until I am done
Then .... if they want to talk about it ..
I will be more than happy to
As too much information
leads to mis-reading the lay .. it's human nature ..
( not to mention makes it real easy to fake it as I said before .....)
We can't help but be influenced by the information,
so to keep the read free of any such prejudice, I tell them
" Don't tell me what it's about ..
until I see what the Cards/Stones have to say "
And tell them all that I see and sense,
then if they want .. they can tell me..
sometimes they do .. sometimes they don't
But I know I have given them the truth, as it was shown to me
Then its up to them what they do with the information
But sometimes that's not enough for them

There's the other reason for "diviners "
who lie to the client .. the client demands it
I cannot count the number of times
I see something in a read that the client says
" no way that can be right " and demands something else
I had one once who made me
go through all three forms of divination
I had with me .. they all said more or less the same thing
She was livid .. until her friend piped up with

" Lidia, that's the same thing you got told the last time too
( speaking of another reader she had already gone to .. not me )
You didn't listen .. your still doing
the same foolishness .. so no wonder the cards
are saying again .. you need to stop "
In this case the divination said in essence re: the situation,
drop it and do nothing
She wanted a different answer
And if one is making a living at this and this is a repeat customer,
the temptation to give her what she wants
would be strong ... again human nature ..
Even through we know the Client is being self delusional
We are not going to shoot ourselves
in the foot if we can help it .. which is why

.. Ethics ..

Any reader must have ethics
In this, I do believe , that the gift can leave you
if you have it , and repeatedly ignore
it for the sake of pandering to the clients whims
This is not why it was given you,
use it well or lose it ...
But turn down being paid for it because of that.. ?
I don't think so ... just because there are those 
who fake it just to make money ?

It's a case of Caveat Emperor .. Buyer Beware ..
As with all things
Just my two cents
( pardon the pun )
on the matter

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