Owlet in a tree

Whazz's Up ? :)
Making Magick from the mundane.. Pagan Style

This strange looking little follow is an Owlet
At that oddball stage somewhere between a chick
and an Owl, so he looks like something off the movie the Hobbit :)

But he's quite a real little critter, in his own little tree,
thinking his own little owl thoughts,
like looking at the person who took his picture.
Trying to decide if the person is something to eat,
or something that will eat him,
... he's a bird ... his thought range is limited to the here and now

The human being who took the shot however is not
Mind you .. this was not a staged thing.
Some un-named forest ranger ,
took this picture ... on a , "record the wild life " tour

But look at how he/she did it ? 
Any shot that showed they had a new owlet would have done ..

for the record .. but this man/woman wanted more than that .
It's framed perfectly, focused beautifully ,
with a subject that could bolt off at any second 

I am an amateur photographer myself and I know the kind of care
and effort it took to get such a shot of our funny looking little friend here
Mind you .. you are seeing it just as I found it.. No adjustments have been made

Now .. I didn't bring you here just to tell you a tale about a picture, so
Whazz's Up ? Right ? :)

No your right, it's about the person and the care they took
that matters here. I found many such images as part of the
public domain from the Forestry service,
and was stunned at some of them

Now most of them are what you would expect,
quick shots of this and that , that THEY know what they are
but you or I, haven't a clue :)

Then ya come across something like this and some even better

Now some of it I am sure is just a matter of love of photography,
but what made the difference ...? I am sure the boss didn't tell them
" go out and get me some images of the new wildlife .. and make em pretty " 

I cant' picture them saying that :) ... so most went out
with a camera and dutifully shot frame after frame of pictures
for the records .. most of them boring .. but some,
are like the above

The Difference is .. what is Sacred .. deserves more care

Every day we are given the opportunity to make the mundane, Marvelous,
as this person did with fluff ball up there ... :)

This person wanted to show the Owl's beauty, as well as its existence
To show the majesty of Nature at work, making it an act of worship

Everyday we have the same opportunity at anything that we do

Don't think so ?

Kitchen magick ... making food .. cleaning your house ,
all can be acts of grace and Sacred. Taking a bath ,
there's a good one to take you from the mundane

Paying the bills, a small blessing on each letter that leaves your hand
so the recipient will gain some increase in their life
and not just the money you just sent them :)

If I really need them blessed. I write runes where the stamp goes
or under the gum flap before I close it, a little dash of salt
in the envelope, you would be surprised at some of the things
that can happen when you treat simple correspondence this way

When you enter the doorway to work, bless the door, so that all
who enter it .. will be blessed too ... do this often enough
you will get a charge just going to work ..
Now wouldn't that be a change of pace ............

When I kiss my loved ones good-bye ,
I bless them too as they leave me
I didn't used to do that .. until I lost My son .. Memorial
My mind ranges back to the last time I saw him ..
which thankfully was with a hug and I love you
But since his passing .. I now bless em all
as tomorrow is promised to none

Even on my E-mail...my little tag line I made up
Blessings on your coming.......
Blessings on your going .........
Blessings on all your house ....

Now for me, that's not just a cute line I came up with
It's a real Honest to Mother Blessing for any and all
I send it to, it's even on the bottom of the main page

You will see similar things all over the place on the site
they are very real ,very much intended, acts of Magick
for the Mundane world .. for all of you .. who read them

Too often we think of Magick and blessing as a thing
just for Circle, with pomp and ceremony, which is great

But let us not forget the simple things, which we can do anytime
anywhere .. for any reason .. with no other tool than the Will

I am sure you can think up some on your own, give it
a thought, a few moments of grace and you will see
all the things, that you could infuse with a touch of the Sacred

Blessings on thee and Thine

Take a walk .. HOME

My thanks to the National Forestry service for the public domain images ,
and the unknown person who did such a wonderful job :)

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