Picking the Right Way
On the Path of the Mother

So many doors in life to choose from
How does one decide which to open
and which to ignore ?

Day by day.. each moment of your life 
is yet another doorway .. another choice made.. 

A little daunting if you stop and think 
about it ..Did I zig when I should have zagged ..? 

But that is Day to Day life.. which we try to live with
a dollop of sense and if we do, one doors as good as another 
But what of the Doors We Need to take.. ?

How do we know which Way the Mother needs Us to go ?
 How do we know what does she need us to do...?
In the day to day stuff,  we are on our own 
but for the Tasks the Mother gives us there are sign posts
If one knows how to read them

 For everyone it's a bit difference but the concept is the same ,
by the numbers .. literally

Coincidence or Sign ?
That is the question

Ever have an event happen that when you looked back on it, you could kick yourself .. 
as you should have seen it coming .. all the signs were there ? 

This happens over and over in our lives, the most skilled at succeeding in life 
are those who learn to read these early signs and deal with issues 
while they are still small.  It's a very good way to deal with life in general
and not coincidentally, its also the way to See 
what the Mother needs you to see.

Ok .. How right ..?

Same thing , reading the signs left for you.. as the old Egyptians
read the signs in the acts of the natural world
so too, can you see the message in the modern world

Ok ok .. what the heck is she nattering on about right ?
Simple .. the same way we note problems by the small cues that start showing up 
is just how we figure out what the Mother needs of us

For example:

 Say I see a word, an unusual word
Like.. Tydal in a newspaper,  it just jumps out at me, but it means nothing to me .. once ...

Later on , I see it again,  this time on the side of a truck
the same word , while driving down the road, again could be nothing,
coincidence,  Until I See it again and again until even I know, it's being shoved under my nose

Investigation time.. what does it mean 
What does it relate to etc. etc. sometimes
I find it right away . 
Sometimes I don't, but if I don't, I note it and watch for, 

it's reason will make itself clear shortly and it always relates to something
Mother wants me to do

For me now, this number of repetitions is 3 ...  it used to be much higher,
as I was more than a bit skeptical, no matter what the old texts or my teacher said... :)

Sounds pretty simple , right ?  Not really ,as it requires one to learn
how to investigate the matter, to where you are sure this is it.
Sometimes It is a bolt outa the blue that moves you to do something .. right now.. 
But not often

How to investigate and how to proceed once you do ?
The simplest way .. make a list.. write down all the events
that pertain to the cues you see, anything and everything,
then make correlation's if possible between the events
This is half Logic .. half intuitive, part of it all, is simple logistics, 
the other is opening the self to the Mothers will and let her tell you what's up,
which is the harder part

Why ?

As it means a surrendering of the Self for a moment,
which one needs to learn to do anyway. Its what we do
in Rite and Ritual .. this is like that.. in fact if setting up in circle, with full wards 
will help you figure out what's to do, then do so.  I have, if I cant seem to find a connection

Then what.. you've got a list of events that you have made connections with,
now what to do..?

The do .. is sometimes easy .. sometimes not
The easy ones jump out and say ME ME ME , 
as they are things you want to do anyway

It's the Ones you don't really want to do, that come harder
for the very simple reason that you don't want to see them often ya miss it, 
but if it's something you need to be doing trust me Mother will make sure you know, 
even if she has to use a 10 lb sledge to get your attention :)

This is not even considering all the little things
that happen dang near daily in some cases.

The people outa nowhere that just pop into your life, 
the ones you just know the right thing to say to,.. and off they go .. 
It's like your a magnet for people in need of something ,
and for people who have come to give you something.
This is the give and take of Day to Day life as the Mothers own

Now this is not the same for everybody, each person is called upon
according to their skills,each doing their thing as it were. Mine is people,
teaching, information , for others, it's doing, making things, 
arranging for the welfare of others.

Everybody from the Cop on the corner, to the little old lady handing out cookies at the local school,
each has their own part to play and the wise player knows what instrument to use, 
to be sure the Leader of the band knows very well what song you can play :)

There are times when nothing happens,no people,
no projects needing your attention. 

I call this vacation time

Time off when you need a break, to recharge, learn , grow, when the flow suddenly stops ,
check yourself when this happens .. ask yourself .. are you out of hand.. ? 
Do you need to reign in and regroup yourself a bit ? 

If so, you have been stopped and will remain so until you re think the matter and get back
on track so to speak ,it happens to us all .. we are only human .. 

and  have all the fragility that humanity is heir to 

Or are you just tired and need to recharge ? 
Self assess at these times and see which it is 

and then proceed to follow through with what you find

Now this takes up a goodly bit of ones life as you might imagine ,
some of these tasks set to you might take years.

It's why I said in one of my other pages that the path of the Way
is often, where you walk down the 
 beach alone ,
as the time is often divided between making a living
and making the living worthwhile 
and doing your bit to
make all the living worthwhile for all the lives you contact 

A small price to pay for the knowledge that ones life has good purpose and is an improvement
in the overall scheme of things .. :) If you were not a fit tool to this purpose ,
Mother would not use you to do it .. :)

And this life has its rewards as anyone who has served so .. knows .. your life is not nirvana .. 
there is no heaven on Earth .. but there is a chance for you to try and help make the world 
a lot closer to it ... which is a worthy goal of life in my book.. how about you..? :)

Companion work .. dealing with Day to Day life
and the Demands of the Work at the same time
Wings of Destiny .. taking fate into our own hands


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