The Way of the Pentagram
Sacred Geometry

The Pentagram
.. Sacred Geometry Part Dua ..

The Pentagram which derives its form in Geometry
from the Pentagon , being what happens if you draw lines from each side
of a Pentagon .... The Pentagram is what you get, in its most basic form

It is also the only form you can draw
without having to lift the pen up from the paper to do it !

Neat little trivia for the day

Now, there are all sorts of fancy names for all of this..

And ya know what ..... ? I anit going there, at least not much :)

I have to just a bit .. in order to explain ,
or use a lot more words than I need
and since there are already words, for what I want to say
I don't see any reason I should have to try and make up some :)

I am also going to get a bit more into the factual side of things

Just a bit and put very simply so don't run off !
I promise it's fascinating .. :)

First off lets look at the thing itself
First the boring way
What can I say ... I like to dress things up hehehehehe : )
but for just a second, take a gander

Geometry 101 Free domain text book

Now, I didn't put this up just to jibe at it.. :)
Notice the fact that you can fill the empty space inside a Pentagram with smaller and smaller versions of itself..
according to theory, if you could MAKE them small enough could do this.. forever !

Which means like the Circle ..... We have another value of Phi
an infinite number which looks something like this

1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 .......

This is called a Fibonacci series of numbers ( off site link ), or the Golden ratio,
which is a very pretentious name for what is very simple

The next number in line, is the addition of the two before it
Look at it a second, and you will see what I mean

Now, the only reason this matters for Us.. is what else it means

The Fibonacci idea of how things are numbered,
is found in nature too, which really caused a big to do
when they figured that one out. Fibonacc did all manner of things with it
with regard to the natural world and all the things in it,
and we still use it for all kinds of things

Now what in heck as this got to do with the Pentagram..?

It means that the Pentagram is a naturally occurring form ,
that while it has a beginning, has no ending point,
and is the essence of all the natural world, in one place
more on that in a moment, but

This is a Heavy load for Our symbol of Grace

Now to look at it as we Pagans more commonly think of it

Pentagram with all the elelements

I know more pretty pictures.. I can't help myself.. :)
and it's a lot easier to load and look at, one image, rather than 6 of them ...
it's about mashed to death by compression to load fast, but you can see the point :)

Now it's not an accident that we attribute the points
of the Pentagram, to the Elements

This idea stems from its shape in geometry, the Platonic solids (off site link)
from which all life is made, they are, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Either or Spirit

If you take all the shapes, that are all the elements,
and put them all together in 3D, what you get is a Pentagram
It's the only form you Can fit them all into, and they move in a very dynamic fashion

Above link is to a page that shows them in 3 D animation
and defines their relationship to the elements

Which is why people like the Pythagoreans  (off site link) .. were in love with it

All the parts are linked together in an unbroken line
and forever linked, they are interdependent on each other, which is why
the pythagoreans loved it, being fascinated by geometry

But it is also why it's a perfect symbol for Our brand of the Faith

In my page on " The Pentagram its History " there is a wonderful explanation
of this concept, but I will repeat it here in short form

It's just one of many ways to look at it, there are many different paths to take,
here a just a few of them

From the top .. we are a spark of life
down to Earth where we become form
Rising like the flow of Water we move on the Earth
And the Air we breath is our source of power
Into the fire of purification
to Return as the spark .. reborn to a better form

Ok.. Now what did we just do ?

Basic Ritual .. is what this is .. as well as a path of learning

Lets see it again .. In say... from the View of the Cabala
And now and walk our way around again

At the point of Spirit we are Keter the Crown
We have an Idea of what we intend to do ..
I am

To Binah the Mother/Earth .. and she brings out the real thing we seek
I see

On to the Realm of Love/Water and the real source of power
We are invincible .. because Love is a powerful force
I feel

On to Air to breath in the force and call up the deeper power of the self
thur the Chakras of the body
I summon

But we must understand it .. as emotions and Will and Power,
are not enough on to Chakah/Fire .. The Father
for the way of Intellect and Wisdom to bring understanding
I am complete

To Return to Keter .. the way of the Spirit with substance, power, will and understanding ..
then we release this New thought back into the plane to effect change
I send

Pretty trippy !

One last time around .. from a simpler point of view

We have a thought.. what we want to accomplish
this is the Spirit speaking .. as our true self is what will do the work

But we are human .. so we need a way to make this work
from a human point of view .. Ask Mother/Earth

We need .. we want .. so our emotions are in play
this is Waters realm

We take a Deep breath and drawn power from our Mother
The Way of Air

But we need a second opinion .. to make sure .. Ask Father
the Way of Fires of Intellect to clarify

Then we can release the Will back into the Void
changed by our intentions

This is the essence of Spell Craft doing it Pentagram Style
which is a bit different than the circles way... it's much more
personal .. we are the center .. inside the Pentagon , that is in the middle
of the Pentagram .. safe and protected while we work
With all the forces of nature at our back

I Cant think of a better space to stand to do the Great Work
or a better symbol for us to do it with
Can You ? :)

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