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.. Sacred Geometry..
Part One
Basic introduction

My old math teacher would be dancing in the streets
to hear I finally learned geometry, no matter what the reason !

I promise not to drag you into a bunch of boring theories ..
As that's not what this is about ... If you are a walking calculator and into such things ..
there's lots of Geo sites to go play with :)

That said


On the ways of the Pagan Path
We cast a Circle in which to do our Rites and Say the Graces

According to Geometry..
And all the tricks that pertain to it

This is that Circle

Cross Quartered Circle
Cross Quartered Circle .. Starwind
Geometry 101 Free domain text book is base image

I know its Not just the basic geometric form..
but that was boring ... and Im a frustrated artist
so I made a few quick passes in Photoshop and dressed it up a little :)

Because the plain geometric form would not illustrate my point
As this is about  how we use this form ... which the plain Jane wouldn't do,
this does .. I hope :)

Look up any page under Geometry and you will see this form with all manner of math and other such things
attached to it. We are NOT going there, as I said .... anit ya glad to hear that ? :)

Where we are going ?

The Points on the Compass of the Wheel of Life
And their purpose in the Rites we weave

I know pretentious .. what can I say I like formality sometimes
Oh why lie .. when It comes to Ritual, I'm as formal as they come :)

Now most everyone knows of North, East, South and West
with regard to the Pagan paths ... In fact look at most any religion and you will find these aspects represented
somewhere with their basic attributes intact.. they are a commonality

But, there are other points on the compass that have meaning
which we will also talk about in terms of Rite and Ritual

The accepted meaning behind N,E,S,W is the four elements
and that is correct ... however the whole circle,
stands for much more

The Four Elements alone ... when set up
Create not a circle but a square (see above)

Which for the Rites we overlap by casting the circle
overlaying the Earth based Elements
with the realm of the Spirit

Why ? Because
Earth the Square of Element, is finite .. limited


The Circle encompassing them is boundless, endless..
Ok .. but again why ?

The old Math question.. compute to the last digit the value of Pi
can't do it.. its an infinite number..therefore a circle is infinite
And this is just the "thing" itself not even getting into is esoteric meanings yet...
but its Esoteric derive from its geometry

Deep stuff for such a simple thing as a Circle .. huh ? :)

Look back as far as you can go .. and you will find the Circle
in every religion, and in every aspect.. Always related to
Spirit or Sun .. which is also another way of saying spirit
in the Old world

The meaning is unchanged ... to this day

Now the Square

The Square of the Elements = Earth .. the physical world
Which comes as no surprise there ... Earth, Air, Fire, Water, make four sides

The attempt to "square" the circle, to
bring spirit into something tangible , has been done many times
Pyramids for one .. There are other examples

Which is what we are doing ... with the square of the elements ... within the circle of the Spirit ..
connect all the points together you get an Octagon .. which defines all the quarters of the wheel which
combines all of the above, into one continuous whole

Wow .. say all that on one breath, and ya get dizzy.. :)

Ya with me so far..? Ok :)

Now for the Ritual uses of such things

We like to think when we start a Rite that we have it all nailed
... as to what we expect to do and why...
however this changes a bit as it's being done..
the Wheel of the Circle is why

What kind of changes..?
Lets see
Around the Wheel we go

Note : In Ritual terms there are a variety of "starting" points I am using one this simply because
the compass is set up that way , to make it easier to follow the diagram

North, the way of Earth ... the Earth itself .. Life and Death
Yin and Yang .. In Ritual terms it is the space of grounding
so it's very often a starting and later ending point for this reason

Here is where Rites are done for Earths sake and all that pertains to it.. growth
all things of increase/gain .. all things to see more done/happen .. be created
( among many others .. but we will stick with this one for our example ..)

Say that increase of "X" is the work of the day ?
This is our purpose behind the Rite .. let's follow it around
the wheel and see how the other points relate to it
and what happens to it...

North/East .. the mix of Earth and Air .. The sunlight which brings the growth
and the wind which carries the seed ...

It is the space of Creativeness ... which , given the point before it, is perfectly sensible ..
at point one you have asked for increase

At point two you ask for HOW to do it...?
What will make for gain ? what is the state of mind
needed for this ? what will give it the best effect..?

The first thought of how to send out this spell to best effect .. is here ..

East .. the Way of Air.. the Realm of flight, the Orbs of Space
The infinite .. to stand at Air is to be reminded that there is no such thing
as a limit, as we tend to limit ourselves a great deal..

This point around says .. let go your limits and reach beyond yourself .. blowing here are the winds of infinity
to clear the mind of cobwebs that the Will and intent, be clear ...
Letting go of the Earth bound self

South/East .. the mix of Air and Fire .. The way of interdependence ..
the point of cooperation .. The dance of life

Once you realize that you can do no more alone .. then the interplay comes into place.. you and the Divine..
you and your fellows, if you have a coven .. all the players must come into view, to make the spell for the increase, work

As no one is Ever alone in works of Magick

South the Way of Fire.. the Realm of Inspiration,
The way of the mind .. Now the mind comes into full play.. the sudden thought ..
the How to .. becomes more than a suggestion ..
as was set up in the North/East ,
now it becomes a concrete thought .. the Way of the Will and the Word

is now there, in all its possibilities

South/West .. the mix of Fire and Water, the active principal of Water, the way of opposites in balance ..
now that you have the thought,  it's time to mull it over a bit, toss it about and see it from both sides of the coin ..
Will it work.. ? Can it..? How about ?

West the way of Water.. the Realm of Healing, of Emotions
Here is the way of water .. the flow.. to let the striving go and let it fall into place.... Not try to force it ..
but surrender to the waters cool embrace, and let the work free to become what it must be

North/West the mix of Earth and Water .. the way of Ice,
of crystals .. of waters way, made into form .. once the thoughts are chilled
into sensibility by Waters embrace ..
now this point makes them firm again .. the solid form flowing
The will intact and strong now .. reformed and purified

Back now again to North .. but now the work is done
we have the tools, the knowledge .. we sought coming through
all the points of the wheel back to the start ..
only now it's time to let the power that is the work .. 
go .. send it out to do its best for your intent .. complete .. and whole

After its journey thur Earths deep embrace .. the Sunlight's warmth .. the Airs cleansing ..
the dance of intention ..
 the way of Fires intellect .. the action needed becoming clear .. 
the Water to soothe the intent, least we be too hasty..
 then Crystal to make it whole and solid .. 
back to the foundation where we can let it go .. out into the void .. while we ground

out the body whose work is now done ...

This is the way of the Circle .. one smooth continuous flow that works on and changes the Will from a thought ..
to a Word of Power that has, form .. depth .. reason .. solution .. and substance

Heck of a lot of work for a simple Geometry form huh ? :)

There are many other ways to do this .. but this is the basic intention..
of how Function follows Form .. in this case
The Sacred Geometry of the Circle

May your Journey around be a Merry One

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