My Blessings for the New Year

All to often we neglect this precious
resource in our lives. We let them slip away from us
for want of a simple reach out and touch someone

Our lives get too busy to maintain those links
and this should never happen .. even through I am
as guilty as the next person of getting too busy

Even if it's just a moment to say Hey I'm still breathing
even if not everyday, these contacts are so vital to our well being

A friend makes you laugh when you sorely need a smile
A friend will sorrow with you when you are sad
A friend shares your joys and daily triumphs when no one else does
A friend even knows when to leave you alone and let you sort it all for yourself ..

A look, a touch, a silly forwarded email just at the moment you need a bit of silliness ...
a space and a place to share a bit of your life
this is the place a friend takes in your life

There is no thought of what they owe you or you them
that never enters into the picture as friend does not count
the moments you spend but the quality of those you CAN spend
that matter to them

It's not a matter of what you can do for them
as your skills are offered freely .. it's not a matter of who they are,
as their position in life is irrelevant

They are there to share a bit of themselves
whenever there is a moment to spare for no other reason
than they know you will understand .. this is what's important

I have many such friends ... most of whom, at this point in my life
I have never spent a moment in the same room with .. some of them
I don't even know their real name .. and you know what
that doesn't matter ... as they are still a friend

Some of them I speak to near daily, some only once in a while
I look forward to each and every contact with joy ... even if the news
is not joyous .. that they think enough of me to share even their pains
is precious and so should it be

Anyone can share the good times ... it takes a real friend to share
those moments in life when things are not going well and know
the other party will understand .. even then

So I take a moment today, at the new year
to think on my friends and bless the divine
that they share part of their life with me

My life would be so much poorer and desolate
without these wonderful people with the funny sounding screen
names who fill my days and my mail box with a piece of themselves
freely given and happily offered

So to all my friends..... My most heartfelt best wishes
for the New year and for all the years to come

I Thank you for all the moments you have shared with me

Blessings be