Forgiveness ... a powerful tool for Growth...?
Or a Weapon against the Walkers of the Way ?

Recent events with another, forced me to look at the whole concept of forgiveness yet again ,
as I was expected to do just that. To forgive the actions taken, for the sake of the peace of all....
which I did...but not in the sense some others involved seemed to want :)

Here's what I did instead

First off ,To forgive , one must first condemn
I condemn no man or woman, for being human and having faults,
but ( there's always a " but" after such a sentence isn't there ? ... :)

I do hold them accountable for their ill actions and expect them to learn and grow
from those mistakes and make amends if they must we all...
it's one of those givens, we all know... or should know

Forgiveness...... Forgiveness and understanding we are asked so very often to give.....
and it's the right thing to do...... but is it always the right thing ?

As Walkers of the Way all too often this very concept
and how its perceived by most is used against us
and becomes a detriment to our fellow travelers on this planet and ourselves,
as it can enable our fellows..... to behave in whatever manner they please,
even to do hurt .... yet we.... the Walkers of Light are expected
to always matter what

But what of the ones for whom there is no intent to do better...?
Who sees the fact we an easy out for any mistake or ill intent ?

This is where our forgiveness ... becomes a weapon against us...
as it means the fellow traveler can behave in poor judgment, that they don't seek to improve,
or hurtfully, or out and out wrongfully while we are to be big enough to forgive them for it,
while they can go off and do whatever detriment they will again !
Knowing that, we will forgive them for whatever they do,
Because we are a " Good " person... :)

In such events our forgiveness is no gift .... We harm our fellow with it in fact
as we , in effect , tell them... its a detriment to yourself and others....
we will forgive you... which absolves the other party of any responsibility for their actions ,
as most perceive that it no longer matters what they do, as we will forgive them

In such cases I still " forgive " them .. for being human.. but I do NOT excuse them,
which is, unfortunately, what most people think your are doing,
when you say the words ..... I forgive you.....

Forgive their faults..? Certainly as none of us is perfect.... :)
But excuse behavior ?


We are all held accountable for our actions for good or ill, no matter if it's just because we had a bad hair day
or just plain stupid choices. The fly trapped in the spiders web has committed no crime but fly in a given space,
but it pays for its choice, right or wrong has little to do with it.
In the case of the fly, it has no chance to make it right on the next flight

We Do

Each moment we live, we make choices, not all of them good
But, for each act we take ....we must accept responsibility for them....
and if being forgiven when we choose wrong .... means we get to skip that part....
then our fellows do us no favors to " forgive " us, as we do not grow,
but stagnate in our growth ....after all..... we have no need to improve the self
we will be forgiven... :)

Now there are those who will say, this is hurtful to the person making the demand, that to hold another
to account we must be feeling, hate or anger, or playing a mind game of superiority. 
That we sully our own soul
with our discontent and our demand for accountability

Anger, hate, games, all are a waste most certainly, but accountability?
We all have a right to expect it and a responsibly to ourselves
and the world at large to require it of ourselves and others

We live on this planet ,in each others hip pocket, most of the time and therefore must deal with one another...
Yet we are told that we must show tolerance and forgive...... to have tolerance for each other is the highest ideal of all.....
but again, one often used against us, because to many, that means that "forgive and forget and move on " bit again .....
And if we fail to do this...we must be an Intolerant person or we would.." forgive " them.

Forgiveness is not Tolerance
Tolerance is when we accept the others right to believe differently than we
to live as they want, except where it infringes on the rights of another
Abe Lincoln is quoted as saying
" Your right to swing your arm........ends at your neighbors nose "

It does not require hate or anger.. to hold a person to account for their actions
as is often believed... "you haven't forgiven me"
( meaning you still expect me to do something about this..)
"therefore you are mad at me"
This is the rant of a child

This is yet another aspect of the whole forgiveness thing ,that is widely misunderstood.
That you have to be mad at someone to want and or expect accountability from them.

One word on that....... balderdash !
( I'm trying to be polite this week..... heheheheheh...)

Karma alone will dish out whatever one has coming, as they have created it
by their own hand , so why seek to punish ? This is not about punishment

So what's my point ? The point is we are expected to " forgive, forget and move on
" which we do.. but what if they do it again ... and again and again ?
Each time we are to forgive..? We do.. :) But accounting for such actions taken must be made.. .
especially for a repeated Ill action which, if we are doing our job....they know is outa line

It does not sully ones soul to know that your fellow man is fallible and capable of all manner of foolishness ,it's facing
reality with open eyes to aid our fellows in growth, which is what we are supposed to do. Without hate or malice to help
each other, even if that means to shun them for their actions to get the point across because to do less ...
could be dishonest in the very least...and a lie at worst

I don't need to hate someone to choose to have nothing further to do with them
till they get their act together..... if I can not help them any other way....

I understand them and I forgive them,
but It don't mean I'm gonna sit down to dinner with them
and pretend everything's just fine and dandy ! How do I help them grow if I do ?
Not to mention such would play merry hell with my digestion :)

Having understanding does not equal an excuse for the behavior either..
so often the cry is heard... " you just don't understand me.." when what they really mean is...
" your not letting me do what I want "... :)

It does not help, if to "forgive " means the other party or yourself..
does not grow and mature and we are expected to make this clear to others,
as they should for us. This is often mistaken for being judgmental's not... it's pointing out basic, known facts,
but instead it is often suggested to and by other Light workers to......
" Leave it to the Gods to take care of the wrong they do "

Can you say .... Major Cop Out ?

We are our brothers keeper in that we are part of the Price of Karma and expected to aid them,
as they are expected to aid us, when we fail to act in good faith.

To wait and leave it all to the Gods, is to be cowardly which is not a way for a Walker of the Light. It also has the effect of
subjecting them and all with whom they come in contact to their brand of misery for their whole lifetime, if they are especially
dense and never get it. Which sounds like a drag for all seasons at best, a disaster in the making at worst. Better to let them
know now that their actions are not in their own, or others best interests and have a Price to be paid for them
In This Lifetime !

This is not hate.. or anger, or coldness towards our fellows. This is love in its best form, when ya care enough to say,
there is accounting to be done and make it stick.! It will happen wither we point it out or not, but it might be a lot easier
on them or us as the case may be :) , if someone holds us to account the first time, instead of letting natural events
that rise from our actions do it.

Which can be a lot more harsh about it than any one person might be to them
Karma is Karma ... and has no pity, and hurts a lot more
than just the one who started it all , when that act rebounds back

And my last point that to allow ourselves to be USED so by others,
because we will forgive...and forget... makes us a target for abuses of all sorts,
by anyone who cares to dish it out !

For our sake... and our fellow travelers.... we must hold each other accountable,
or none of us grow...towards the light and the eventual unity of soul

Not to mention the Great Mother
didn't put us here to be the punching bag for anyone
who wants to take pot shots at us ! :)

Personal responsibility is the name of the game...

We choose how to act..
We take the effects each act creates....
It's time, we ... the Walkers of the Way... with Love ...
remind the ones who hide behind "forgiveness "
That each act brings its own Price

Blessings Be