Estsanathlehi The Changeing woman


Changing Woman

Winter to Spring, Summer to Fall
Changing Woman You are them All

 You Dance On the Mountains Around Your Hogan
To Bring Changes to The World

  You dance On the Mountains of the East
To make the Rain clouds Come

 You Dance On the Mountains of the South
To make the Earths Jewels Sing Out

 You Dance On the Mountains of the West
To Make all the Plants Grow

 You Dance On the Mountains of the North
To Create the Animal People We Know

Woman of the Wheel of Time
Who is Beyond all Time and Space
Woman who can be Infant , Maiden ,Mother, Crone
All with infinite Grace

Teacher of all things that Matter on this Earth
Harmony and the Blessing Way
Great Mother of Life, Death and Rebirth
Be with us on this Day

Keeper of the Paths of the Dead
On the Western Road from were all good comes, its said
Turquoise Woman In your Palace Bold
Do you Greet Tsohanoai When the Sky is Red

The Rainbow Path from your Hogan Top
Leads to Heavens Stairs
When The Rainbows Arc the Sky
We are Reminded How Much you Care

Bringer of the Blessed Pipe
To Remind us of the Debt We Owe
To Remind Us to be Grateful
For all the Wonder you Bestow

Changing Woman of Many Faces
We Bless and Thank you for your Graces
All fortune that's Mine is because you are Divine
Estsanatlehi Creator of the World

Peace Pipe

"With this pipe you will walk on the Earth,
which is your grandmother and your mother.

The Earth is sacred, and so is every step that you take on her.
The bowl of the pipe is of red stone; it is the Earth.

Carved into it and facing the center is the buffalo calf,
who stands for all the four-leggeds.

The stem is of wood, which stands for all that grows on the Earth.

These hanging feathers from the Spotted Eagle
stand for all the winged creatures.

All these living things of the Universe are the children of Mother Earth.

You are all joined as one family,
and you will be reminded of this when you smoke the pipe.

Treat this pipe and the Earth with respect,
and your people will increase and prosper."

Kachina wheel

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