Dealing with being an Empath
Some practical lessons

Up to now, I have focused on the why we have and effects of being an Empath. Now, let’s move on to some of the more practical things one might do to help use this skill, more effectively.

Making the most of your skills:

First and foremost is to have Charkas that are in functioning order. The reason being, without them in good working order, it's pretty hard to summon up any control over your Empathic skills.

Most Empaths, those that are untrained at any rate, tend to use the sacral or root charkas most of all, which is all about our feelings and our sexuality, (I list both here, as there are two difference schools of thought, as to which controls sexuality) likewise the heart chakra, since it's all about emotions. However, this leaves a person pretty much out of balance, if one uses them, and them alone. So, job one is to get the rest of the Charkas into the game, and getting them in good working order.

The throat chakra comes to mind, as we not only have to be able to feel emotional states, we generally have to be able to talk about them. The voice is our instrument to express ourselves. Some simple ways to work on this one? Sing for one, nice rousing songs, that tug at your feelings, things that make you want to get up and dance about.

Chanting is another good one, nice, deep, feeling of your heartbeat sounds, that become a kind of musical meditation. Talk to yourself ... no, I am not kidding, I mean it quite literally. To speak your thoughts out loud, is to experience them ... just don't do it around others as a rule, or they might think you a bit balmy in the head. :)

The root chakra, the base that underlies it all, is a must have in good working order. If we lack this, we tend to become ungrounded, and somewhat lost in the winds. So a simple means of giving this one a work out? Think of a tree, its roots down deep in the ground ... now, become the tree, feel your roots deep in the earth, drink up the water and nourishment that's down there. Feel the power of earth fill you, and become part of you.

The third eye chakra, the point of the mind and all intuition. If this one is closed off, we tend to become entirely brain centered. Easy given away, if you find yourself having to "prove" everything. You are likely brain centric.

Vs, being able to bypass the senses and open this up center to allow for real "knowing", without the interplay of the body. Recall, our sense organs are just that, ways and means to gather data, but it is the mind that really understands it all.

So, use it, open it up to what else is out there. A simple means to do this? Have someone you trust work with you and have them just sit there and think, nothing else, just think of whatever they want.

Now, your task to in effect, read their mind ... to open that third eye and see, without seeing, to know, without having to gather sense data. This also, as you might expect, sharpens your skills at clairvoyance.

The crown chakra, which is above your physical head. This one’s a real gotta have, as if it's not working, what you often become, is pessimistic and have a grand tendency to avoid anything new.

Simple means to exercise this one, get out and do new things, try things, make a list of "things I have never done" and go do them. Take a few classes, and learn new things. Turn your fingers loose on the Internet, and go hunting for things and ideas you have never yet experienced. As a fave song of mine says "Free your mind ... and the rest will follow"

Limiting the input:

As discussed in other missives, one must limit the data coming in, to a form and flow, you can handle. This varies for everyone, but it's a skill we all must have. So, a few simple means to make this work for you.

Oil and water don't mix: An exercise of the mind. You’re in a crowded place, the feeling of those around you start hammering on the brain. Think, all that data is oil flowing your way, answer, an image of a water bubble, all around you. The feelings might slide around and make some rainbow colors on such a shield, but they are not getting into you, unless you want them too.

One I have not tried myself but might work for you, Teflon. You know, that stuff inside your frying pan, that won’t let things stick to it? Imagine that between you and whatever overwhelming negative sense input out there. Or, to use a computer idea, a firewall, between you and it. 

Millions of examples but I think you get the idea, it's a mindset, a filter that you impose, between yourself and the emotional data, to only receive and keep, what YOU want to. Such information is a signal. A piece of information. Hear it. Do what is appropriately do-able, if there is nothing you can or should do, then file it for later. Then shift your mind, onto something else.

Taking out the trash:

It's inevitable we will tend to pick up negatives, either from others, or from within ourselves. So, we must have a means to take out the garbage once in a while. A few means to do so.

Write it down, and hold out no stops when you do. Don't censor yourself, say whatever you want, however you want, rant, rave, scream if you must, but get it down and get it out.

Now, once you’re done, go back over it and consider, the emotional states that went with them. Think about the situation you were in, use the analytical mind to sort it all out and remember it, in a non-emotional state. Once you have sorted it all out, burn the pages and let any negativity go up in smoke.

Another water trick: Most of us bath, at least once a week :) Saturday night bath and all that... or daily, but you get the idea, we all do this, so it's a perfect opportunity to use the power of water to cleanse us of any data that came wandering in, say the night before in our dreams for example.

Wash them away, right along with the dirt, it's a mind game ... but one that works. See any negative feelings you are carrying about as so much psychic dirt, and let the flow of the water take them from you, and away down the drain, where they belong.

Imagine a bright blinding light, and fill your entire body with this cleansing fire of light, let it fill every nook and cranny, to where there is nothing within you, but this positive light. Nothing negative is permitted to remain, and just keep upping the brightness of the light, until every single bit of darkness or negativity is gone.

Any mental creation that gets the negativity to the trash heap, is fine. Heck, use your recycle bin on your desk top if you want, whatever image works best for you, use it. The mind is a wonderful tool, it will do exactly what you ask of it, if you feel it vividly enough. Never mind the mechanics of how it does this, trust me, it can do it, all you have to do, is tell it to, with enough force of will.

Re awaking Empathy:

It is not at all uncommon, to find a person with Empathy, who is totally shut down from it. This is quite commonly done in sheer self-defense. The onslaught of the feeling of others can literally overwhelm a person. Now, what if, later in life you want to recall your Empathy and use it? How do you bring back, that which you have cut off?

That depends almost entirely on how you shut it off. As it can happen a variety of ways.

Fear is one, you found yourself in an overwhelming situation and you grabbed as much mind stuff as you could reach, and walled off the feelings. Which does work, however, this is not a nice neat wall you built with a plan in mind, it’s a massive pile of "stuff" that can take a lot of work and time to take down. 

This one I know personally, as happened I did it, just this way, as a young person, and it took me years to dismantle it all. It is a matter of picking up each piece, and putting it back in the order it was intended to be in, which means identifying all of them. This is a laborious process, as you might imagine, but it is the only way to really accomplish it.

Another one: Dis- use, now, this one is where you have denied it so utterly and thoroughly, to where it no longer is accessible to you. The reasons why we do so are many, but the means to correct it are all the same. One, fully and totally accept that it is real, it can and will work, if you tell it to. 

First you have to believe that it will. Find and get rid of the mental states that made you shut it off to begin with. No matter if it was parental disapproval of your "fanciful" ways, or peer pressure from some group you belonged to, or ... you see my trend here.

There is almost always a clue in the mind, that will allow you to find the point where you stopped believing that such a skill had any validity. Once you find that, and eliminate it, you will find that the brakes on your empathy, have been removed right along with it.

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