Christian ? Pagan ?

The concept of Angels or winged ones, dates
back almost as far as one can go..

in written history...

Nearly all nations have some form of them

In almost every Religion, since the concept of religion
Speaks of the Winged ones

The messengers of the Gods

The Elements personified
The workers on Earth of the Divine Plan
The Guardians of Every rock, tree and flower
The Best Ideals of Man made into form

They have had a million names

No matter what name you call them

They are a real presence as Warders
of the gates to any Circle if you wish it

And many other things besides

For Years Now I have invited these beings to help ward my Circle
and they have never failed me

You can all but hear the rush of wings,
and Feel the air shift as their wings interlock around the space

So here , now, do I Honor them
With this special space devoted to them alone

These little versions of images, don't do them justice, please do see the larger ones.. :)

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Rhaphel.... Warder of the Sylphs of Air..
Unseen one, Guardian of all things that Fly
The first breath you drawn in life
Is the Kiss of Rhaphel

Welcome My Lord, come spread thy wings
You who make the chimes to ring
Bringer of Winters Storm,
Bringer of Summer breezes
Help us Clear away the Fog
that clouds real Loves true form

Hail and Welcome

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Mikiel ... Warder of the Gateways
Of The Flaming Sword of Intellect
Guardian of the Gates of the Mind
The Flash of Insight is the Sword of Mikiel

Welcome My Lord of the Fires Fame

You whose Sword Defends the Weak
Flame to clear the Doss of the mind away
And give strength to the Meek

Lighten the Halls of the Mind
That our circle be complete

Hail and Welcome

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Gabriel ... Warder of Water.. Healer ..
Guardian of Rain, which brings life,
and makes all things grow

Welcome Cup bearer, Healer
Giver of Dreams in the Night
Emotions sway and the soul takes Flight

Rain to make the garden grow
Our true feelings we would know

Hail and Welcome


See the full sized version of this image.. Here ( off site link )
Uriel .. Dread Lord .. Raven Wings of Life and Death
Earth Mothers Watchman and the Ferryman as One
At life beginnings and its endings
Do you find Uriel

Welcome Dread Lord
Whose wings I have heard
Let all Fear Die in this space
And Growth and Love take its place

Hand in Hand
Go Life and Death
The Cycle Continues
Thy Charge is Kept

Hail and Welcome

Thank you for allowing me to share with you
My Love and Care for these beings who have been both first and last
of ( Most ) my Rites and Rituals

Blessing Be to one and all

A link for more detailed information on the Winged ones


To my Knowledge all the parts and bits that I have used to make my little pictures are public domain .. or my own creation ...
if I am mistaken in this and have used something unknowingly that you KNOW is your creation
Please let me know and I will dismantle the work ... Unless you like what I have done with it..
in which case I will be happy to credit your part in its design..