Age Old Question ? ?
If the Gods are real...
Why does bad stuff happen to good people ?
Over the years I have heard many things about why some

think there ARE NO Gods .. because this happens, or that happens
Here are just a few of them

Many seem to think that serving the Gods
means a ticket to sweetness and light
in a world where one is always happy happy :)

Well, if that's true, how come my life is often a @!!*&^%$ :)

Many of the same people, make the mistake of assuming that anyone
who is trying to be a good walker of the way and server of the Gods
= one who should have a perfect life ... because they deserve it

NOT ! :)

I won't even debate the deserve part, but for the rest

I have the same problems and issues as anyone else..
Money or lack thereof.. over due bills etc.. for example:

If money is my need.. yes I can do rites to increase my fortunes
but I am expected to do something for myself too.!

It's like the old Joke

John " please Lord let me win the lottery "
Lord " John... help me out here ... buy a lottery ticket " :)

Others would argue
" if your Goddess is so great, how come your poor ?"

To which I say..

What has the Goddess to do with that..?
Richness, one can lose and Poor anyone can change
These are the variables we bring into the matter

I have what I need.. what more does one really need..?
If she needed me rich, then I would be.. and have been.. ( yeah ! )
at this point I am not.. and that's OK too ...
as there are good things to say for the leisure one has .. in retirement..

Even If I didn't want to retire just yet :)

I trust My Goddess enough to know that there is a reason for it
And if I think about it ... I can think of a lot of reasons for it.

Is this just self justification for poverty ?


I have worked out the why
and it makes perfect sense for me to be just what I am right now

Now, I could point out that my poverty is worse that it could be, based on a rather uncaring social system
that denies me SSI benefits, but that is the hand of man, not the hand of the Gods. More on that later ...

Or this..

Then its all just Us ? Here for ourselves ?
What does worship of the Gods give us..?

Seems kinda selfish don't ya think
to feel that A God is there to give you anything

more than what you already have.. ? IMHO

For all the Glory you already possess thanks are due, without anything else at all

You live, you have a have infinite possibilities open to you
the way is there ... to get what you want, it's up to you to go get it however

Think things are not the best.. ?
It's up to you to make what changes are needed if you feel things need improvement

" Here For ourselves "
is the only part of that, there is a real problem with.
We are not here for that ... we are here to help each other
to improve the lot of us all. This is good Karma

Does this mean your own life will always be perfect if you spend it helping others?


Does it mean you will get what you need to accomplish
what you have been asked to do, that it's gonna be there, in your face,
dropped from the sky, just because you ask for it ?


Yes, I have done my share of griping mind you

" Mother if you want me to do X .. gimmie the dang resources will ya ! " :)

And once I stop complaining about it and think of it..
I find that the way to do what is needed.. is right in front of me..
and was often sitting there for a while, waiting for me to stop being a fool
who expects Mother to do it for me.

I am a big girl and she expects me to act like it :)

Or this one..
How good can your Goddess, be to you
if she doesn't fix your problem relationships
Why is your personal life so hard ?

Again I say..
What has the Mother to do with this..?
Is The Great Mother responsible
for any lousy relationships, I may have with friends or family ?

No.. I am.. They are my relationships,
which took years to build up or take down

If they are poor, it is up to Me to make them better
by whatever means necessary

But to think the Mother should "fix" this.. ?

I think not.. She didn't make it happen
Did the Mother make someone insult me ? NO..

Did She make someone stress me out
to the point where I am ready to tear out my hair ? NO

I am the one who allows myself 
to become stressed over things that happen

The only thing in life we have any control over is ourselves
and the Gods are hardly to blame for my failure to control my own reactions.

I have never even asked her to " fix " such things

Only to give me the strength and understanding,
to continue to try and work on the problems for myself

Which she has done..
The Goddess is not my servant ...I am hers...

This is her Gift..
The power to keep keep trying.. to make it work
but the doing is my responsibility, as with anything else,
as they are MY relationships..

The Gods are a joke
and we are all here make it or not ... on our own
Why should I waste my time ?
Life suks then ya die !

How else do you expect to make it ? But on your own.
We are here, we live, and on this Earth alone,
within the skin we are born in, isolated, hunting for answers

But, just what are you looking for ?
Some divine being to make it all better with a wave of their hand ?

Any faith that promises that, lies... to you and to itself
But is this a reason for not having any faith ?

Or the other side of the coin, the belief that we should live in paradise on Earth
just because we ARE believers ...

This insistence that we lead somehow magical lives
where none are hungry, or have over due bills
or bad relationships with others,
to where nothing bad ever happens to "believers"

Where all you have to do is ask
and some magical thing happens
to make it all good, no matter what's wrong..
in fact, that nothing ever be wrong to start with !

Read that again... please

What does this sound like?

A Fairy tale the Fae themselves would laugh at, is what this sounds like

The Gods have never promised Nirvana on Earth

They promised to help YOU
get the means whereby you can make it better, yourself

Think the world suxs ?
Then get off your butt and do something about it
And it will sux less, in proportion to how much effort you put into it

But don't rail the Heavens about " why didn't you do something "
about hunger, poverty, stress and strife ?

Or even the things wrong in your own life ....

The answer you will hear is


The statement of " life's unfair "
I asked and prayed and didn't get what I wanted,
therefore the Gods are not real

What are the Gods, a retail market..? I didn't get my order so poo on you .. ?

This Is the rant of a child ... bemoaning the reality of being human
and blaming the wrong entity for it.

A person whose looking for a good reason
to avoid making changes will cry "life is unfair to me" so why should I work hard at it ?

It's gonna sux anyway

Such excuses have been used for Eons
Particularly this one ! More examples

When things go wrong, we tend to look for someone to blame,
however, and it's all too easy to blame the Gods.

But, think of any "injustice" or misfortune you care to name and you will find at its base, 
the work of humanity.
 Make any list you want, and you will find, almost without fail, 
that the problem is based on human greed, hatreds
facts of nature, or just plain out and out stupidity.

Example: A customer ordered hot coffee, spills it on her dress and gets burned by it,
and then blamed McDonald's comes to mind for the top of the stupidity category. :)

But more seriously, say ...

A loved one died, despite our prayers, therefore, the Gods must not be real.
Do you really believe that the Gods are some vengeful beings, 
who visit death on us, as some kind of punishment ?

We are human, we are therefore subject to illness, and death, as with all living things.

The hurricane that wiped out so many folk, Goddess bless them all. Facts are facts, hurricane's happen, 
if one comes close to
 where you are, you are going to suffer for it. 

Live on the coast, at some point a Tsunami will wipe out the coast. Live were it snows ?
At some point there will be major snow storms, these are all variances 
of weather, that effect us all, and have since the dawn of time.

We tend to call these things "acts of God". Now what that is supposed to mean,
is they are outside any human agencies actions

it does not mean however, that the Gods are to blame for them.

It may be obvious that pain and misfortune can shake our faith in the Gods,
but what happens when we have good fortune and success ?

Typically, what happens, is "we take pride in "our" achievement and take credit for it.
We convince ourselves that we got something that we deserved." Somehow, it's only the bad 
things do we blame others, or the Gods, for the
 Good things, we must have done something right, ergo, 
it means when it goes wrong, someone is to blame.

Both are fallacies, Life is not "fair", if we view fair as things are not supposed to go wrong,
but 99% of the time, it's very easy to find the reason behind things that go haywire.
Most of which, are often something that we ourselves, at least by collective actions, could have avoided.

Don't think so ? Consider the things of nature. We know that if you live on the coastline, 
and a wave or hurricane comes
, what is going to happen ? We know, as its happened many times. 

Therefore, if we chose to live there, we are taking that risk
willingly, knowingly. We have no one but ourselves to blame if the wave that has come before,
comes again, and we are not prepared for it.

I used to live right on top of the San Andreas fault line, and I know full well if it ever had decided to shift, 
and rearange the geograpy of the map, as it has done in ages past,
and dropped California into the sea that I would have been toast ! But I know that, and accept that,
as no place on Earth is totally free of risk.

( While granted, I do believe there are places on the planet, that we just should leave alone and not try and live there, 
as they get hit so dang much with one problem after another or are just too damn difficult to make safe, and our insistence
on trying live there, comes under the human stupidity category, but that's just a personal opinion,
but I won't get on my soap box and rant about it ... not today anyway : )

Cancer for example, dreadful illness, yet it's well known that certain things cause them, pollutants, chemicals etc. etc.
Yet do we stop using such things? Do we stop pollution in its tracks ? No, therefore, as long as we do these things
illnesses that are based on the fouling of our environment, will continue.

Pick anything you want, all the "unfair" things, and you will find some way 
it could have been or can be,
eased or eliminated, by our own hand, as a people.

So lets forget the idea of blaming the Gods for it, 
and take some responsibility for our own existence.

And I know I said 5
but I will add one more told to me in recent years

Why, if the Goddess is So great , do you.. her devoted one
live in pain and suffering everyday ?

Again I say
What has the Goddess to do with this..?

Did she curse me with the illness, that allowed this to happen ?


My body is, what it is, its aliments are part human nature and part
things I have done ( or not done as the case may be in my youth to care for it )
and maybe some of that fouling of the environment that I mentioned above, but in any case
it is now part of the price I pay for living, as it's a fact of my life.

Because I serve the Mother, should mean I am wonder woman ? :)

I think not ... even my suffering serves her ... in that I can speak
with authority on overcoming challenges ... and how one can be
strong in the face of adversity ... siting my own life as an example

What kind of consul could I give
if I have never been there, done that ?

It would be like having a celibate, as a marriage counselor..
there has always been something wrong with that picture to my mind .. :)

My whole life is such an example ... I have faced more challenges
and trials than a dozen people combined ... no brag, or whine, just fact
when I say "been there ... done that" it has meaning

And yet here I am ... talking to you about how
The Mother cares for me.. as if she did not ... I would not be able
to live my life, and find joy in it. I would have succumbed to the pain
long ago given in to despair, and ended my life ... to get away from it,
as others with my condition have done before me.

But, life still has joy, meaning and purpose for me
Because My Gods are in it, and have always been in it

Broken thou I am now, I am still a fit tool in her hands, as this body means nothing

The will that drives it matters, not the form
So do my Gods help my life.. ? You bet
Walking the path is the only way for me now, and forever

But make excuses ... and say the Gods are not real
or do not help me, because I have problems ?

If they did not help ... we would not be having this conversation
As I wouldn't be here to make it !

Will walking the path help your life and the world in general ?



Ok, Why?

Because to walk the path in light you become a better person is why
Not a perfect person, but a better one

You May be the only Ray of Light in a very Dark corner of the world
But can you think of a better place for a light ?

And the more light you put out, the more that is reflected back to you

You don't put up a light were it's bright, you put one where it's dark and spooky
and it casts light into the gloom, a gloom that may hold horrors, that need cleansing

But the Proper Servant walks there anyway .. bringing the light to their little bit of the world ..
and if enough people do this .. then the real dark side, the side of man that cares only for itself,
and therefore allows so much pain
to be visited on their fellow man ...

Will maybe see some light and perhaps wake up to caring
and we thereby,  have helped to create a better world for us all

The way of the Goddess is not a path to be trodden by the weak

It is not a path for those who expect the world
to be perfect for them ... because they are devoted

It is a path were one tries to make a better world
with their devotion to the Great Work of world improvment

It is a path full of rocks, and lessons ,
dark corners, and lots of hard work

As we work to make it better, brighter, lighter

We ARE the hand of the Goddess on Earth

If you pay attention
she will tell you what she needs you to do to help make things better
And if you sit down and think about it, you can think of a lot of them, all by yourself :)

How to know what to do and how to Pick the Path to follow
all these things are yours for the asking

But sometimes means getting down into the muck of life
and doing some major housekeeping, as that is the task that needs doing

Starting with our own lives
By your own hand, as none other Can do it for you
and then work our way out into the world in general

And what do we get for a job well done.. ?

More work :)

Blessings on Thee and Thine