More on history.. Philosophy and of the Pagan way
I few places I have found useful

Tao Te Ching
a very good site for study of the text and its meaning in great detail…

the site is a bit cumbersome in layout.. but the primary information is there…

Short history of the Druids

Nice little overview of the “new” sects of pagan the gardinarians et al…. basic info

Just so you know where the basic philos came from for the Alexandrians..

You name it…. It's in there…. great site for cross reference and general information.. both current and historical….as well as some very nice rituals and prose….

The pagan beliefs and the early church… what happened…or how the pagan philos.. as the great thinkers where known as they where greeks for the most part. was rejected outright by the church

Wonderful site on the co joining of the pagan beliefs in the early church. some did.. Some didn’t…most didn't… and why….will see again all the names of the early philosophers and most of the basic concepts of paganism as we know it

History of Pagan Witchcraft its trials and tribulations

The Nicene Creed and Truth about the Trinity

Early Christian history and the change over from Pagandom

Gonosits The Jesus Mysteries

Hidden Legacy

If any of these links become broken, please let me know