Yemaya by Pagan art


The Oceans that Cradle the World
Gave Birth to the Lands Domain

Great Mother of the Waters of Life
The Seagulls call your Name

Gentle as the summer dews Kiss
When the wind is Tame

When the Winds of Fury Blow
Evil Drowns when you Lay Claim

Queen of the Witches,
your Magick is your Fame

All Hail and Welcome
Dear Yemaya hear my Name

Down on the Beach we Dance and Prance
Strike the Drum, shake the Tambourine

Above it all hear the Mothers Roar
As she joins in the Jubilee

From your Womb all life came Forth
Mother of the Fishes

As the waves, Wink and Flow
Make now known your Wishes

Defender of your Children's Fate
Woe to he that harms Them

Your Sliver sword flashes in the Night
Of Lighting to Disarm Them

Pearls and Perfumes do adorn Us
To honor our Mothers Bounty

For all the Waterways that bring Life
Running through every County

Hail to thee,  O Glittering One
In the Oceans Roar to the Babbling Brook
Thy voice is heard and Remembered

Hail to Thee  O Mermaid Mother
Whose arms Embrace the World


Art work and background by ME :)
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Bars a student work released to the Public domain
Stephen Lars .. Nod and big smile his direction