Xochiquetzal by Pagan art


Hail Goddess of Love and Beauty
Keeper of Passions Fire
From Thy Dainty Hands
Comes The Flames Of Desire

Patroness of the Matron
And the Sacred Whore
Married Wife, and Single Lover
All come to your Door  .... Because

Sex is for Enjoyment ....
 You Say ... With Your Velvet Lips
The Red Snake of Passion,
Girdles Your Luscious Hips

Flowers From Your Mouth Fall
To Tell of Your Eloquence

From the Same Lovely Lips
The Dagger of Truth
To Cut Through All Ignorance

Goddess of  All Magick,
Maker of Many Charms
Weaver of  The Light ...
Keep Us From All Harm

Fierce Protectoress of the Dead
 Dear Keeper of the Underworld Please
Keep Them From All Harm

Mistress Spider Your Web You Weave
Of Loves Protecting Charm

All of Mankind's Sexuality
Finds Welcome In Your Arms,
All the Forms of Love
Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Straight
Receive The Butterflies Kiss
From Above
BI/Gay sigjn

Flower Feather of Wondrous Face
Keeper of the Changes ,
Mother to Every Race
Hail to Thee, Dear Hummingbird
Who Flutters from Place to Place

We Dance Now in Your Honor
 On the Spiral We call Life,
Giving Thanks ...  That Because of You We Know, 
That Life is not All Strife :)

So Hail My Dear Lady of Grace
Who is the Song and Dances
The Everlasting Dance
Through Out All Time and Space
Hail and Blessed Be
Sweet Mother of The Beautiful Face



BI the way link back
Which is no more but I give them their due anyway

Pagan_and_Wiccan_Information link back

is the Mayan/Aztec, Version
of Venus or Aphrodite

Header Art work by ME :)
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