Witchdom in the 21st century
Or Confessions Of A Thecno Pagan :)

Despite the fact we tend to picture the rites and rituals
As being done as our forebears did them
Art by Robin wood used with permisson
Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"
There is this inescapable fact... WE are not them
This is now
And we should act accordingly

Getting up on my ever present soap box for a minute... :)

It has been brought to my attention by a few people
That I and others like me are not "real" pagans
Whatever the heck that means... :)

But what they meant was
Because of how I do some things now a days,
as I follow the Way of the Witch
Like on-line rituals and Cyber temples

I have a lovely one .. have you seen it.. :)
The Temple

Here's my thoughts on all that..

Is doing ritual on line a slap in the face to the Gods. I think not
The heart is willing the mind has the right attitude,
then it works, period, If there is honor and respect
there is NO way to do it wrong...!

It is the Gods to whom I petition,
and It seems to me if its acceptable to them
that's good enough for me .

An it harm none so says the rede according to the wicca
And I can't see how my doing a Cyber rite harms anyone

Take the ever present tool in most rites the Athame,
I shocked a person in discussion
the other day when I told her I didn't have one

I have never used one
not that there's anything wrong with them,
not a bit..but they have never called to me
as a tool for my rites. A wand of wood at best..if then...

Now there are those who would argue as this person did, that I can't do that..!
That I have to have and use the tools according to the old ways

Oh really ? ... I think not...

The will is the thing, not the tools
Now the right tools that call to you
to do certain things certainly help

I have a whole collection
of special tools for rite and ritual

But as my Dear Friend and Coven leader used to say..

" A good Witch can Do high magick,
if dropped naked into the middle of the desert "

And he was right...

All the colors and the smells for certain rites do call to ones senses
and help you create the correct connection, this is Feng shui ,
it is like calls to like, and sympathetic magick

But do the right colored candles
and the right incense make the spell ?


Its for bloody well certain our fore mothers
didn't have rainbow colored candles
but they managed just fine

The Witch makes the magick with the grace of the Gods.........Period

For me if I do an on line rite with friends,
there is no separation between us, we ARE one
as the Spirit is one, the will is one. Proximity only makes that connection easier,
for the most part, but sometimes even that does not help.
If the parties are not in tune with each other,
it does not matter if they are sitting in your lap..!

Does the fact that I work without a Live Coven at the moment,
make me less of a Witch?

Again I should think not.. there are more Solitaires out there than Coveners,
so We comprise the lionesses share of the acts of Magick
and good will by sheer numbers

My book of Shadows and Grimore..
( which I am still transcribing...) is a DOS
Disk of Shadows.. or in my case a CD-OS...
I've been here a while... :)

Write it in some dead language so nobody can read it..?
Ever heard of encryption..? Same thing...and I don't have to try and learn Latin

I use a computer program
to tell me when the next full moon is due, so what
I can, it's there, why should I do it the hard way, for traditions sake..?
I doubt very seriously if anyone in the modern day keeps a sextant handy

Traditions are great and I honor a great many of them,
but ours is a faith that must be re born, in how we do it in many cases

We have been left so little from the time of our forebears
that we don't really know what they did or did not do,
whose to blame for that loss is irrelevant
It merely speaks to the point that to do it a new way,
is the only way it CAN BE done

If our fore mothers had the tools we now possess,
do you not think they would use them..?

Of course they would. ! A Good Witch uses what works best
I have reached more people who seek knowledge of the Pagan Way
than I have ever or could have ever reached in my life time,
Via this site you are now reading

And my own knowledge
expands exponentially right along with them
as the teacher always learns as much or more than the student.

I have studied and continue to study all the old ways, from all walks of life,
from every angle possible. I want to know it all, but
I will take from it what calls to me and leave the rest

WE are the Others...and we are an Eclectic bunch...
this is our survival, this is our strength , our very diversity'
Is why we thrive and grow and become better people
with each passing day...( or should..if we are working at it..)

We must not allow ourselves to be sucked back into the past
to the point where we are the past, and get stuck there.
We must grow and evolve as a group
Stagnation and Decay are the only things on the path
that does not grow and change,
May we Ever bloom brightly :)

Getting down off my soap box now... :)
Thanks for listening...

 Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission
Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"

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