Water by Pagan art

The Way of Feelings, Healing and Adaptability

Water is the softest substance is the world,
but one of the most powerful for one simple reason,its adaptable,
to wherever and whatever means it needs to to get to the place it wants to go
The way of water is the way of taking the path with the least resistance,
to flow with the surface to get to the lowest point

Ok interesting point you say but what has that to do with you ?

We are human and therefore subject to emotions and feelings
unlike any other creation on earth, other things have something like it,
but their reactions are based almost entirely on pre wired genetics,
whereas Man... can choose how to feel...about anything

And boy do we ever...!

We are all about emotions,they nearly rule our entire life, for good or ill
Don't think so ? Think on this for moment,you are here reading this
partly because of the minds need to know, the Way of intellect,
however how what you read makes you feel
is how it will be locked into the mind, colored by the feeling it creates

The pictures, the colors, the background, the words ,
all leave their mark on your feelings and emotions

The lessons of Water are simple but profound.
The path of least resistance,sounds like a cop out right, not really
its simple logic. The easiest way to get somewhere is the way of Water,
why should you make it any harder on yourself than you must ?

Lesson two, .to flow on that path
There's is no force on earth that can withstand Water in large amounts,
everything has to give way to it. Its very adaptability to any form it must take to achieve its
aims is its power, so to with man, we must wear many hats
in the course of an average day, each an adaptation
to whatever the circumstances require of us

More: The way of Water is to heal, and it does so by releasing tension,
ever hear the expression,as boneless as water? This is the state of water as a pond, still,
quite and at peace ,there is no better state for healing work than this
Any doctor know this, all healers most certainly know it,
and a wise person knows it for themselves., and rolls with the flow of life,
to stand against that flow,  is to be overwhelmed by it

Now this does not mean to never stand up for the self.. no no no...
Water is very good at this,  ever see a river over flow its banks ?
It will carve new waterways in any direction to whatever depth it needs,
so it is with man, when the demand is there ,changes take place,  must take place,
and will take place

When we call on Water in the circle we are asking for emotional depth and feeling
For the ability to flow with the power and make change
For the flexibility to heal the self

These are the gifts of Water.. its why the chalice is so often used as its icon
 As its the power of water contained and ready to be used , to be poured
out over whatever needs it,  by a loving hand

May your Cup always be Full


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