..........Kore by Luis Royo............

Warrior Women

Many is the battle fought
without bloodshed...
that is as worthy a feat
as the Valkyrie of old

Hear the tale of Gundun, a Woman of the clan.
Into battle she strode, her wood ax held bold
and took Freya's place as chooser of the Slain

While in the current day we have little occasion
to do as Gundun did with a chopping ax

But we fight battles everyday,
day in and day out
to keep the kids fed, the rent paid
and body and soul together

This is a Feat worthy of Praise

Hail to thee fellow Sisters
With Children at your feet

Hail and Welcome one and all
I give you Merry Meet

For all the times you did without
So your children could have more

For all the times you juggled the bills
And had to Rob Peter to pay Paul

For all the times you sat and cried
Quietly so they would not know

For those of you, who like me
Who know what it is to have them go
Too soon to Summerlands hills

For all the times you married
Not for love, but that he paid the bills

For all the hours you sat and waited
For the nestlings to come home

For all the hours spent on your feet
At some job you couldn't stand

For all the time you have had to spend
In an empty house alone,
When their grown

For all these battles
And more
So bravely fought
I Hail you one and all

Warrior Women, Sisters,
I hear you when you call

Blessed Be


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