Walking the path by Pagan art

Walking The Path
How to Walk the Talk :)

This was a favored saying in my youth that is still in use today

Usually said when you don't believe that someone means what they say , as in

Can you walk the walk..... ? Or just talk the talk ......?

So what does this mean to you.. ? Other than a way to get sassy with someone :)

It means, acting on your convictions, to take part with deeds, not just words

Too often in our current day society we are a race of talkers, we know all
the right words to say, but only a fraction has the courage to stand up
for what they profess to believe in and live it as their life

For example: I have a friend who signs petitions for clean air, sends letters to congress
on cleaning up the water shed, and other such things, on the
surface it would seem she is much the advocate of helping the Mother Earth

However, she does not recycle , the only time her car gets a tune up is smog check time.
Wastes water like it's going outa style with her stand up swimming pool
she fills every week weather it needs it or not, ya see the picture here..?

She can talk the talk, most assuredly, but walk the walk that goes with it ?


Religion is one of the largest, bar none, area that we as a race
tend to talk about doing and believing, more than we do the actions that go with that
You see it everyday, For example:

I can not count the number of times I have been harassed by members of other faiths.
Who in one breath tell me they are a good ( insert sect here )
and then in the same breath make themselves out a liar, 
by damning me to whatever hell they believe in,

for being a card carrying member of the Pagan community

Often breaking their own laws to do it. In other words they can talk the talk of being of X faith
but do not walk the walk, IE: live up to all the precepts of that faith
that goes with those words, the first one often being, Do Not Judge

This to me is a great shame, and so sad that there are so many,
even among Pagans , who give lip service to the precepts of the Faith,
then refuse to abide by the very words and ideals they espouse, or even worse,
do abide by them, at least in outward form and then use this as a stick
to wop others over the head out of misplaced pridefulness.
Which is also not right

Not for the faithful is the way of boasting and self aggrandizement
If actions need be taken, you take them, but you do not stand on the street corner
and shout it to your neighbors, you let your life speak for you.
Your example is how others learn the way of it .. not just your words

This does not mean don't share the words with any who come to seek them
as that is part of walking the walk. Sharing what you know with those
who WANT to know and that's the key word here. If the other party
sees the life you lead, and wants to know the abiding philosophy that guides it
then by all means, of course, share .. but again .. be aware that a true walker of the way
does not boast or brag of their knowledge, they share it with all comers
without preconceptions, and let their life prove the tale

Often times you walk the way alone in more ways than one, but that's all right
One who understands how to walk the talk, does what's right, even if no one knows,
even if others don't agree, even to change the law of the land if need be
to do what's right, and most important of all, even to the tromping
all over their own personal preconceptions to do it,
because it's right, no matter what

To walk the talk is not always an easy thing, sometimes it's downright difficult,
but to live life as a true walker of the Way has nothing to do with what is simple
it has to do with putting your actions where your words are Or as we used to say

"Put your money where you mouth is" :)

Does someone need help ? Then give it.
Is there a need you can fulfill that will help the good of all ?
Then do it, this means to really analyze your own words,
and see what actions fit those words, and if you can't live up to them, 
or at least honestly try to,
then you shouldn't be saying them.
As you make your life at odds with your own words.

This is not the Way for a walker of the Path, as it's the way of hypocrisy
which any sensible person avoids at all costs

Simple ways to take action to walk the talk ? .. see Ways to help others

May your life shine like a beacon in the night
May the path be clear of the stones of misfortune
May you always be able to walk the talk with grace

Blessings Be on One and All


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