Lord of Thunder
Defender of Midgard

Hail Mighty Thunderer
May Mjölnir strike true

The Serpent of Midgards bane
on the day of Ragnarok

Our Champion brave and true
thy faith is ever won

Defender of the people
from which All ways of Evil must run

Maker of storm, wind and rain
To thee blessings go
when the crops are to gain

Great giver of strength,
of Mans might and main
When the Evil giants roar,
may we be their bane

Quester after knowledge
Thy reason is sound and sure

Your hand to mine
thy word divine
My faith in thee is ever pure

Hail to thee Mighty Lord
Of Thunder, Lighting and Storm

Hail to thee Wise Lord
whose word is the bond of faith

Hail to thee Lord of might
when Evil threatens at the gate

Strike My Lord
May the Thunder roll
Strike thy Hammer true

Defender of Man and Midgard
May we ever depend on you


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