Eye of the Mind by Pagan art

Into the Labyrinth
The Third Eye of the Mind

Just what the heck does it mean
when people talk about their third eye ?

Well....it's a given they are not talking literally... :)
So what do they mean then ? It is to see without eyes ...
to see with the mind directly, without the intermediary of the senses

This is not as surprising a thing as it sounds
As the eyes merely gather information...they do not "see" in the literal sense
they gather input, which the mind then perceives as sight

So it is the mind that does the real seeing, just as it does hearing and touching and tasting...
all the other part are merely specialized information gathering systems

So to "see" with the third eye is to skip the other information gathering systems
and use the mind directly

This takes practice as one might image, as we are trained by the body
to use the senses to gather information

Once freed of the limits of the body, the mind is very able to gather
information that the senses cannot perceive

It's location in the center of the forehead, correlates to the Chakras
There are debates on which it relates to, the mind number 6 or the crown number 7...
no matter which one you refer for it,  the working of it is the same

To open the third eye, is to open oneself to extrasensory perceptions
which is where we get that whole idea from...beyond the senses

The Third eye "sees' auras, which are invisible to the body's eyes
it sees the colors that surround a person.. it can see thought
as if the working of the mind made a print out for it to read
and so very much more

This work is of the highest order of Magick and the Craft
as this is the point where it all happens...not the senses which we leave behind
...nor the body.. which gets left also... this is what allows us to see
on the astral planes.. to see into things and situations where the body's eyes do not function...
we know this on a instinctive level.. as children we do it quite well...
but for most of us ... over time .. we un-learn how to do it

We ground ourselves out in concrete reality until that's all we can do
We must then train to re-learn what we knew how to do at birth

 Some never do... they are head blind
To be "head blind" means to be completely cut off
from this gift of sight for lack of acknowledgment

The Third eye is the part of yourself that tells you all the things
that your senses cannot know... How to see another on the Astral planes,
how to tell when the phone will ring, how to know the person in front of you does not have your best interest at heart
a million cues of the senses can tell you a lot...but that last bit of information...that tingle in the mind that says

" Hey, pay attention to this" is using the Third eye

Improving the Third eyes sight

Working with the Chakras is the way
Mediation is also a good way to do this
Meditation on the Chakras best of all
Self hypnosis (off site link) is yet another
there are many more

The primary point is... to accept that there is more out there
than can be perceived with the senses of the body

Once this concept is accepted, working with the Third eye is much easier


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