Spaces and places of interest IMHO :)

The Hunger site:

This site is a must for any caring pagan...with a mouse click a any one
of several sites...( the hunger site link takes you to 6 .... which can lead to others if you choose )

Click buttons on these sites and you can feed the hungry, make mammograms
possible for those who cant afford it, and save rain forest land. better the lives of children and feed animals in shelters.....
and it costs you nothing but your time to click the mouse...which you do a 1000 times in one don't get bombarded with email...

No tricks of any kind that I can tell .. they do ask that you patronize the sponsors
who are paying for the food, land and mammograms..etc..but that's only fair..

Save our Earth with just a click of the mouse... !
same thing as above but based on saving land and endangered animals

Earth 911

Global recycling

The Daily Motivator:
This site came in an E. book I downloaded from the
Universal Life Church
of which I am a minister and its a trip..its just what is says...
daily the preaching at you...
just good sound words to the wise...Everyday something new...:)

Alta. Visa World-Translate:

I don't know about you....but when I do a global search... I do a search..
which  means sometimes I get sites I cant read , Russian looks very cool..
but I haven't the faintest idea of what it says ... German I can fake it..but the rest..
kick over to this site and paste the URL in the box
and WaLA...English or Spanish or whatever is your mother tongue
all laid out for you to read... pretty cool huh?:)

Read Please 2002:

Speaking of reading....I used to do a lot of it..but disability has made me almost have to give that up...I can't hold the book for long enough to really read before my hands go numb.., carpal tunnel among other things but anyway... if the idea of being able to paste any text..web site..note..whatever to it..and have it read to you, in one of four programmable voices appeals to you..then see above for the link to their homepage ... and its freeware!

( its also great for making the kids laugh...write up whatever you want the computer to say to them and paste it trips em out..! )

This is also very good for reading Web pages you built or letters you wrote,  when you hear them..
you can find all manner of errors that spell checkers don't find :)

 Say the time:

Wonderful little program of which you have heard , or will hear me mention.
You name it...its got it...tell you the time as the name implies, in any increments you want.

You can tell it to go to sleep, so its not announcing the hour all night,
it has a built in calendar with the phases of the moon, reminders which can pop up.
.make noise..send messages.. or start the time you decide..
it can sync with atomic clocks if that's your pleasure... male or female voices,
 and makes the clock in the system tray in any format you want,
with all manner of colors and backgrounds to match your themes...
and the most recent version has a world clock and stop watch

This one IS shareware...but for all you get...its cheap... 15 bucks and change when I got it ..
This is the first shareware I have bought after a trial period
in a long time ( not counting games.. :) because it does just what it says...
and is resource friendly so its not taking up all kinds of free mem to do all this...
neat stuff..check it out...

FYI , I got mine off of Cnet ( see things for the tweaker page)
or see above for link to their home page..

For the most realistic and intelligent AI virtual pet going.........
he can also be your screen saver and the best part .. he's Free ..
they have another "pet" if you don't like fish... but he makes my day ..
and is very very interactive...

Please e mail me with any comments, questions?