Balance of Faith by Pagan art

The Balance of Faith ... On the Pagan Path

Or...why are we here...?

Very often the only thing that keeps us up and alive
is the fact we believe we have a purpose for being here

As some days it feels like the world, is using us for target practice... :)
and on those days, the faith we bear becomes the most important thing we have

It's not often I speak of "faith" in an of itself .. as I believe that we can and should
work out our basis for belief in the Divine in a reasoned and logical manner
as one should take nothing and no ones bear word for anything
but faith is a much more personal matter

This is what we have, after we have come to the understanding that the actions of the Divine are real
have validity.. and can be mapped and recognized for what they are

Then, and only then ,do we have what we commonly call faith,
since we have proof, we now have a reason to have faith :)

So how does faith keep us plugging away at life
when life is merrily trying to run us over..? :)

By remembering a simple fact

What needs to be .. Will be... now or later,
if it must be, and should be, It will happen

We don't always have all the information, as to why a given thing is being delayed
or is fouled up, or has to be trashed altogether. When this happens
 we must figure out why ...analyze it... check all the variables.

Is there something we can do ? Is there something we forgot ? Is the timing right for the event ?
If the answer to all the above is no, then most likely there are events happening or going to happen
of which you are not aware ...and may never be...

This is where you take it on faith that it's going
as it needs to go,  and get on with your life

Not all doors are yours to open,  no matter how much you want to open them

Is this easy...?


It can be a major pain in the backside, as from our point of view such and such
is very much needed to happen and we feel betrayed that it has not occurred

Now is this  just self serving opinion to cover my butt
for when my faith in the Mother does not seem to work ..?


As I have found over the years that even what I think is the worst thing of all
 to have happen, needed to happen, if not for me then for others who would be affected,
and needed to learn. I get the AHA ! feeling very often, to where some last bit falls into place
and I see why, what I felt I needed so desperately,
didn't occur or something did occur,  that I didn't immediately understand.

So no, my faith is not blind, nor am I asking you to do so. Blind faith is the way of the gullible
who allows others to think for them. Now I know that sounds harsh
but it happens to be true. No one should  just take anyone's word on anything
Not even mine

My faith is backed up by reasonable events that it's my
job to figure out what's what , and pay attention for the Mothers cues
as they are given me so that I may understand what has happened

This creates incredible balance in ones life, as it ends the frustration
over events that are out of our hands and forces
one to focus on what we are able to do to effect change ,
rather than bemoan our fate that X is not going as we planned

This is for events high and low, great and small, faith will get you through all of them

And one other thing,  if you cant do for you right now,  do for others instead
it's why we are here :)

If you are doing your job, in helping others ,what you need will come to you..!

Maybe not the way you expected, perhaps not even how you would prefer it,
but what you need you will have. So the best thing to do once you have analyzed it all
and figured out what you can and can not do to move matters along, is to have faith
and get on with the Great work and help others to achieve their ends and goals.
If we all do this, there is bound to be someone waiting in the wings
to help you :)

What goes around comes around.. as the saying was in my youth

It's still true :)

May your faith be sound.
May your faith be strong
May your life be fulfilled.

Blessings to one and all


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