Welcome to Rumal

The world of Yggdarcil, the leaves of the tree of life, the way of runes
our Anglo-Saxton alphabet owes it's beginnings to this form of symbols, used by the old ones
some of which have not changed to this day

Runes have been used for divination almost since they first came into being.
But their first use was a representation of the world.
a representation of sounds..the sounds of all living things,
not unlike the Buddhist OMN, which is the sound of the universe,
their spiritual meanings evolved right along
with their more mundane meanings

This missive is not intended to be a complete work...
but a basic introduction to the realm of runes...

The basic meanings..
By Popular request I have added phonetic spellings to aid in pronunciation
And Thanks Ever so much My Lady Tegan for the Rune stone images :)
These are a combination of the Younger, Elder, Germanic, and Old English Rune forms,
so you are seeing a little of all of them, some newer, some older

My thanks to Lady Tess for pointing out an error in placement to me .. BB Esta

(Ahn-zoo) Signals and signs, the sound of the divine
( Behr-kan-na) Sign of growth,creativity
( Ken-ahz) Opener of the way, the direction of travel
(Dah-gahz) A breakthrough prosperity bow to hit the mark
(Eh-waz) Movement, creativity,
the realm of action
Fehu~  (Fay-hoo) Possessions, community link. wealth and gain.
(Gay-bow) The 
gift, partnerships, marriage
and oneness
with the divine
(Hah-gall-ahz) Disruption, Natural forces at work, damage and delay
Ice, the mode of non movement, times for which to do nothing
(Yeh-rah) The harvest, a period of time, the wait for the ripening.
(Lah-ghuz) The flow, fertility, that which comes into and out of our lives
(Mah-naz) The self, the whole of humanity
(Naw-thiz) Constraint,  the lessons of 
adversity. Need.
(Oh-tha-lah) Separation, retreat,
home and inheritance
(Per-throw) The opening of life, initiation, secrets
(Ing-wahz) New beginnings, fertility release of the old , on with the new.
(Rye-though) The journey, thur life and after death, a time of change
(Soe-will-ow) Wholeness, the reach for completion...
Teiwaz~ (Taa'-wahz) The warrior within, victory in battle Uruz~ (Oor-ooze) 
Strength, endurance, sacrifice.
(Thoo-ree-sahz) The gateway, the crossroads
(Ale-hahz) Protection, giving yourself space.
(Whun-yoe) Joy, rites of passage..
(Ale-hahz) Protection, giving yourself space. 

In many sets of Runes
there is another
the blank Rune or Odins rune:

This is the unknowable.
.the Rune of destiny,
when it shows up in a reading 
it means that subject in question
is in the hands of fate

( or as I like to tell my clients, 
the Gods aren't gonna say,.
because we humans 
would mess it up )

This runes inclusion is argued 
hotly in many circles,
but I feel this way,just because
it was not there
in the time of the Vikings 
does not mean it cannot be now

All divination means are alive 
and growing ,
becoming and changing 

as they should
The Runes are a tool,
the means where by we make a connection with the divine..
ask questions and get suggestions 
they help open us up to the person in front of us
( even if the person IS us )
and see the path 
that lies before them

I see them before me 
and pick up a thread,
the next thing I know
the reading is over...
and I can barely remember 
what was said,
10 minutes after they are gone.

As it should be..
it wasn't for me...

Typical Lay Outs:

Again ,as I said before ,any means 
of divination is a living,
growing thing. Like wise the
kind of spread, as its called,
will vary from person to person..

But for your understanding
Here are some commonly used ones,
and their meanings

Runes can be read,  as words 
are read....left to right..
or right to left....this too is 
another issue of debate

But whichever you call number one
is the Rune of the situation,
what is happening

#2 is the action..that you need to take, or avoid taking.

#3 is the possible outcome of the event
if you are successful

The Five Rune Spread
1~The general overview of the situation
2~The challenge
3~The action called for
4~The Sacrifice
5~The situation when complete

As you can see this is a
little more complex,
for more complex issues

Then there are horoscope spreads for 
the 12 houses of life
Three life times spread,
Which speaks of the past,
present and future..

There are many more

Draw till ya drop: which is my personal Favorite and My Creation

Number  ?   There is no limit
 The contents of the entire bag if need be

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-..........to however many

My means are simple, I give the bag to the client and tell them to shake it up
while thinking of the issue about which they wish to know..

Then when they are ready...to draw as many runes from the bag
as they feel the need for...and place them in a line, which I then read,
one at a time, each one as they relate to their neighbors and overall
as they relate to each other...

This can be a very simple read,.one to three stones..
.to a very complex read, the entire contents of the bag

This is a very good read to give an in-depth look
at a persons life at that moment in time
It has never failed me yet... :)

Making Rune Stones or Staves:

Runes can be made of a variety of materials. I have seen sets
in silver and gold. Sets in gemstones, and pottery.
Sets that are painted, or made of paper.

I saw a set once inscribed on marbles
and he read them by playing a game of marbles

But traditionally they are made of wood:

Oak or Yew, Ash and Alder: Are the traditional ones.
but any wood will do

The wood should be a gift of the tree,
which means its a branch that has fallen off, not cut off

The wood for my travel set literally hit me on the head,
the Oak tree really wanted me to have it.. :)

Find a section of even depth and size and cut the needed number with a sharp saw.
A half inch or less in thickness works well. Too thin they tend
to break on their own, too thick and they break each other in the bag.

Once they are cleaned, sanded and as perfect
as you can make them, then you must stain them.
One side should be red by tradition.

In the old days, anyone of a dozen plants and herbs might be used to do this.
In the current day, we have a large variety of goods to do this service.

I used thinned out nail polish for a travel set I made
and they have always served me well...:)

Now comes the work: to carve them and make them your own.
To turn them from mere bits of wood, to tools to see into the abyss.

Mark the blank runes lightly with a pencil with the rune signs...
this is just to give you a guide to carve. The primitive looking lines
on Rune stones are not just tradition, as anyone who has ever tried
to carve wood or stone will tell you..anything but a straight line
is very hard to do :)

Any sharp knife will work, I use an exacto myself.
And carefully carve the lines in each one
Then it's time to activate them:

Up to now there is just the tasks of cut, stain, carve,
they are done in one respect..but they are still, just the bits of wood
they started out as

What is needed now is blood. This is the only rite of which you will ever hear me speak of blood...
in most rites this would be profane... but not here,.blood and power make rune stones more than
just a rock or a bit of wood

YOUR OWN... I say again..your own,
never..Ever anyone or anything else's....

And this is only for runes that you make for your own use..
.never for anyone elses....they must charge them for themselves
.( now you know why the backs are stained red )

You don't want to know what will happen if you make runes with the blood of a sacrifice
that is not your own forefinger getting a nick, the Gods take profanity very seriously

Light candles, burn incense, play music, wear ritual robes or sky clad,
whatever puts you in the right frame of mind to do high magical work:

A tiny lip brush works well as a "paint" brush,
or a twig from the tree from which the wood came will do nicely:

Paint over each carved part of the runes,
all the while chanting the sound of the rune,
feeling its meaning, feeling the connection with the divine
from whom all right action flows:

Feel the pulse of the sound, the meaning of the stave,
until its mundane self and spiritual self are one: The most common
way of "saying" rune names is to sing them :)

While in this same state is a good time to make a sigel. A sigel is a combination of Runes, that stand for you,your name,
it's a very personal possession ones name,it's not just a moniker your parents hung on you....it's you...

For Example:

My current use name is not the name I was born with,although its a derivative of it.
Its meaning is changed a little however with the difference in spelling, it is more fitting of my personality,
its like my mother and father had the right idea,
but they didn't know me yet... :)

In runes it looks like this,
in English ESTA, which means

The movement that is protection, who is the warrior , who gives the signal to others.
This is me, a teacher, a defender of the weak, the one who gives information to others to avoid trouble.
My birth name had more components which changed the meaning

which in English is ESTHER..
Which means, the movement that is protection, who is the warrior, of destruction, the movement towards the final journey of death

Which is a totally different kettle of fish to say the least...!

In one I am the defender...in the other,
I am Kali ..the dark goddess
Both are needed..both are respected

But I really don't want to be the dark one,
this turn of the wheel, A fact I did not know, until after I did it
 I changed my name, and my life,
but back to the sigel.

I cannot draw one here as its not possible to superimpose type
on top of each other but I will try to explain.

First I would draw the  now you can see the top of the mark is part of all
that is needed is one more line off the right top of the first mark
and I would have them both
Look again and you see 2/3s of the mark 
all that is needed is the left hand line, now all three are there
and last, just add one line to the last mark of and you get 
and its done

If you have ever tried to carve anything you can see sense
of reusing lines wherever possible, and there a million possibilities,
play with all the letters until you find a final shape that's pleasing

The sigel is made much the same as the Runes, the only different being
the concentration is on aspects of yourself, his is a representation of you
.Most people keep their sigels on their altar space, and keep them
face down, unless high work is being done. This is your inner most self,
not for sharing with just anyone

I hope this missive gives you
a starting point to the world of the World Tree
There is so very much more ....

Related things

Sacred Trees
" The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes " 

Alder - The "battle witch" of trees, it represents trusty, as in purification by fire.

Ash - The "guardian tree", dispenser of justice. The first man was an ash.  The world tree, 
Yggdrasil - synonymous with the yew - is commonly referred to as an evergreen ash. 
Ash bark is deadly to snakes.

Beech - Tree of the Three Norns, its bark is also deadly to snakes.
Runes were written on thin beech boards. 

Birch - Called the "birth tree", and associated with the Mother Goddess,
it has been used in healing and for magickal besom brooms.  It also symbolizes the return of spring. 
Traditionally you consecrate it to Thor.  The birch protects against lightening. 

Elder - The "thirteenth tree", it represents the Great Goddess 
and is associated with Berkana.

Elm - In the Northern Tradition, the first woman was shaped from an elm. 
This tree also is associated with the Mother Goddess, the light elves, and healing.

Hazel - The "tree of wisdom", the hazel cuts away impurities to see the self honestly. 

Laurel - The "oracle tree" of Delphi, this tree represents victory and honor. 

Oak - the "Forest King" of endurance, tree of the Norse god Frey, and the primary wood 
of the sacred fire of the Goddess, the oak is associated with fertility, ancestry, and love. 
Its fruit, the acorn, is a symbol of the Goddess.

Pine - Representing the cycle of life and rebirth, the pine is called "Tree of Manifest",
the sun.  Pine cones are its fruits and symbolize the Goddess.

Rowan - Called "Tree of Runes" and "Wood of the Sorcerer", the rowan's pliability
is thought to aid in magick.  The tree branches are tied with red thread
to protect your home or property from enemies.

Silver Fir - The fir is associated with the moon, representing feminine rebirth.

Willow - The traditional tree that wands are fashioned from, the willow is flexible
and excellent to use for magic and enchantment.  This tree draws is power from water.

Yew - Yew is a popular wood for runic talismans and wands.  It is also a tree of death, 
and rebirth and is associated with Yggdrasil, Odin, Ymir, Uller, and the Valkyries.

by Sirona Knight

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