The temple of lights, by Pagan art
The Temple of Lights

Is an extraordinary place of Healing and Power
It's a place of Serenity and Beauty

But why, you may ask yourself, do I speak of this
as if it were a real place that I have been to ?

Because I have, it's as real as the monitor
you are looking at to see it,
It's an Astral creation and not entirely of my own design

So what is an Astral creation
that I can see so readily that I can paint it .. ?
As closely as my skills will allow

You have heard the saying "as above so below "
Well, that works both ways in the case of places of power

Which means, any church or temple
or synagog that has ever known true,
repeated power rendered in their rites ,
has an Astral copy of the "spirit" of the place

The same holds true for the circle,
and places that are purpose made
like the Temple of Lights

How can this be ?

Aristotle said that the world as we know it, is not reality
For example :a chair

It's a thing upon which we sit, right ?

Not really, now bear with me a second. I haven't completely
lost all my marbles, yet ! :)

We have things, that we use, we call a chair,
but there is no chairness, there is only the idea of a chair,
in other words, a thought of a chair

As a chair can be many things, there's a million styles of chairs

But only one reality .. the concept .. its form

Its form is real, it can be expressed in this dimension many ways
but only the idea, the thought, has any reality

This world of forms as Aristotle called it, is the Astral plane
the place where the real thing is. This Temple of lights,
which I have built in my mind and used over and over ,
has become a real thing, in this sense of forms

The fact that it has no exact counterpart in this dimension
doesn't matter, it is none the less, real

The concept of a central place, where power is gathered ,
that is seen to and protected by guardians of benevolent intent ,
is hardly a new idea, the concept is in fact, as old as man

Many other faiths have used the same concept
to explain this place of power and healing
This one just happens to be mine :)

And I have others, built and used over and over
for different things. Like the place I go to be still and quiet
and self reflect during meditation
I call it the Grotto, Which if you would like to see
My painting of this idea, please see my Gallery links

It has a life of many many years, complete with a bottomless pit
One I placed there, just to have a handy place to drop
outdated thoughts and other useless hindrances

Now what makes these places
not just figments of my imagination ?

Because I'm not the only one who can see them for one,
in group meditations, others report seeing such as well,
without my having to tell them that such places, even exist !

This has happened over and over and over
Not that I needed convincing :)

Is this just them picking up my thoughts ?
While in some cases, perhaps so ..

But I have seen those who have about as much Vesper power
as your average housefly, who still report seeing them

Likewise in Circle, coven mates can tell me
down to details, of what is up there

This should not surprise you overmuch :)

The idea is not new, mankind has recorded such events
for as far back as we are able to find any records for

Ok say you accept it's real, why build it at all ?

Simple enough, if one is intent on say, sending healing power
or doing healing work and sending it via remote..IE on the Astral
you could just fling it out there, and hope it gets there

Or you can build a place to stand on the Astral from which
to direct the flow. Now you could build a new space
every time you need to do so. This however, would waste a lot of time
and energy needlessly, energy that would be much better spent,
being sent to who needs it. So you build a place
that is personal, that has your stamp, all over it, that welcomes you,
like a familiar room, from which to work

This is not even getting into the esoteric or religious reasons
of which there are many, this is just talking about
the sheer practical uses that such a space could be put to

So how does one build such a space ?

Details and power of the personal Will

The Details for this means to make it a space
that you are comfortable in.
Like making a room feel homey ,
it should be you all over the place :)

Then fill this place with the Power of the Will and the Way
repeatedly, it becomes clearer over time, to where just a thought
and boom you are there, with all the colors, sights, smells and sounds

From here you can work, from here you can pray
from here you can just Be for a while, it that's your need

This is not escapism, nor is it fantasy, this is a working state
dealing with real, malleable thought forms, of which we are all capable of creating,
and yes unfortunately this applies to less positive power as well,
as the Astral does not judge, it merely is

So mind what you build, for thoughts have power, and unless you want
some slime covered hairy thing with teeth looming out at you
one day when you walk the moon paths. Keep the thoughts
positive and of benefit, which is a good thing to do anytime :)

Blessings Be to one and all
And May your Temple be a wonder to behold :)


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