Emergence from the Sea of Time by Pagan art

The Old Ways
Emergence from the Sea of Time

Time has worn away many of the words of truth,
left us by our ancestors ... neglect has taken many more

It is time for this to change

It seems funny to say this, in our most modern era to ever, long for a reunion
with the past ... but in this case ... I make an exception to the rule of, newer is better

Now why would I, a very modern woman, want anything to do with the "Old ways" ?

Well, it's for certain we are not talking social politics here :)

No, it's return to an awareness, that our forebears possessed
They had to have it, there was no weather man to tell them when it would rain
They could feel this from the very air itself, as we can, if we think about it

We have moved far away from the land that supports us. I mean how many of us
even have any land to start with ? Your average apartment dweller sees open land
only if they go to the local park,  it's for certain little of their living space
is given over to trees and growing things, so it's not a surprise
that we have become detached from our Mother the Earth,
most of its under pavement, so we no longer seek it out

So what has this to do with the Pagan Way ?

We on the Pagan paths seek a reunion with our Mother the Earth
We seek to find a center point where we can stand and  then understand what
those before us knew, almost without a thought

Our seeking of the Divine is a personal Journey of awareness
Awareness of the self, of the world, of the plan of Divine grace which we seek to know
in our limited human way and seek to work our part of the Great Work of reunion

This reunion I speak of is the reunion of the Soul, the Great Force from which
we all spring,  but this task is greatly compromised when we lack even a basic
communion with something as profound as the living being on which we live

The heart beat of the World connects us all  and we, as a group, are no longer
connected with this beat .. this rhythm of life .. we are isolated, from it and from each other

How do I know this to be true ? Simple
If we where as connected with it as our ancestors where
would we pollute the very land/sea/air that allows us to live ?


But yet we do just that, and don't notice it other than as an inconvenience
when the air quality takes a dive for the day,
or the Water has to be purified before we can drink it.
We have gotten used to the taste of chlorine, we accept the signs in the market place
that say, do not eat such an such a fish if you are pregnant, as they contain high levels of mercury ,
as we have so polluted our seas, that even the fish are no longer safe to eat

The bread we eat has to be fortified with Vitamins because the wheat from which it's made
comes from such poor soil that it no longer contains the richness it once had
and most people don't even know that is why they HAVE to put vitamins in there
It's not a matter of "enrichment", it's demanded by law, or the bread wouldn't be worth eating.

This is not  just about recycling or pollution, as important as they are

It's about our disconnection with it all

The Old ways must be reborn, and with it will come respect again
for the land we live on, to care for our bodies own environment, and
A connection with each other as people, as family who care for one another

This is the Great Work on Earth. A work worthy of any one of us

We on the Pagan paths seek  to aid this effort, to heal the Earths hurts
to foster a community of mankind, to heal the rift between peoples
No matter what their faith

And Create a solid union with the Divine presence who created it all

May the Work progress swiftly and with assurance :)

Blessings to One and All

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