The Gift of Life

This page was a lot harder
to start to write than any I have written to date.
It's a touchy subject for a great many people.

But here goes my reasons for promoting this gift of life we all can do.

As some of you know I just published,
at this pages writing, a memorial page for my son.
Likewise a page on reincarnation, both speak on this subject.

I take great comfort in the knowledge
that a little bit of my son due to organ donation,
is still here on Earth with me, as he left no children.

And that other children will still have their parents
and Grandparents because of the Gift he left.

I had to make this choice however,
as my son left no indication, as to what his wishes were
But knowing my son I didn't think he would
object to such a behest.

As a Pagan I feel that such a gift is almost a given or should be.
This flesh is a temporary home at best for the spirit
while on this earth.

See "Flight of the Spirit"

And the body parts should be
used where ever they are needed

And what's left go to fertilize something :)

I know that sounds a little radical to some
but it makes more sense than bury or burn
what can mean life to another..with the gift of something
you have no further use for.

Like a cast off shirt you give away...

As do we cast off the body in the sunset of our time on this Earth.

So I ask you to make a choice and let the choice be known
Don't make a loved one have to agonize over it
when you pass over. As I had to do for my son
and say prayers for his forgiveness
If I guessed wrong.

A Simple tag on your Drivers license off site link
or a living Will, to spare others what is, in fact, your choice

Further, be aware that tissue banks operate as well as organ banks
and use this life saving substance for burn victims and the like
If you have major tissues removed, say for cosmetic surgery, its a gift
you can give, while you yet live, so something to consider.

Something to think about..?
I hope you do..
Blessings on you and yours

Emerald Pent

Sliver branch link back
Who is no more but I give them due anyway