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The Raven of Thought Flies
The Fiddler plays
On the Moonlights path
The Memory stays

The Astral, Thought and Logic... the truth of the Way

Hugin and Munin, Meaning Thought and Memory,
were the names of the Ravens of Odin
who flew about the world, learning the ways
and actions of man

"I fear for Thought, that he come not back,
But I fear yet more for Memory."

So said Odin

Thought and Memory are the mind of the Witch,
as it is propelled into "astral" experience.
Which is how Odin traveled the world,
not as the tales speak of two poor birds
however magical, flying about the entire world
  but his own mind making the trip
on the Astral plane.

What is the Astral plane?

"Into the abyss, the plane where the individual mind
and Cosmic Consciousness, or between life and death.
The plane that the Witch must cross on their own."

The path between the Nine worlds of the Yggdrasil or the Cabala,
combined with the magic of Seidhr, of Freya's fame,
is the way of Astral travel.

Now there are those who might ask,  why bother to do
this kind of travel at all..? Good question :)
Here's my answer to it.

 "The famous 16th Century physician and alchemist Paracelsus
who taught the maxim, "As above, so below."
Born in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, 1493,
He taught that man is "hologram" of the universe,
the macrocosm dwells within the microcosm."

We are in the Universe (macrocosm)
and we are the Universe. (microcosm)

The Astral is as much our home as the Earth on which we stand,
and much is to be learned there that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Akashic records, the other selves in times past..
time is not as we experience it on this plane, linear, its a mobeus strip
that has no beginning and no end, but moves forever.

On the Astral plane we can stand as the true self,
the inner self, the self that has lived many lives,
and has ,no gender, no age, no limits.

"The Witch must understand that he lives on Earth,
and that is only through material reality that he can operate.
The pentacle reminds him that philosophy
and abstract principles are useless
without the body (and the will that moves it *)."
"Though she understands and honors tradition,
the Sage creates his own rituals and observances,
tailored to his own needs."
She does not serve established orders

There is no religion higher than truth.

As I have said before, it is the Will
that matters, not the words, tools, colors,
or given rite, or even directions.

I mean, take me for example:
I am most likely the only Witch you will ever meet
who needs a compass on the end of my Wand.
As I cannot tell which is North, East, West or South by just looking
and have called the quarters in the wrong place more often than not,
and this has no effect whatsoever,on the rites effectiveness.

The guardians are very forgiving
and I bet they laugh when they hear me Call...
I am honored to provide them with amusement.. :)

"For the Witch, the Self and the World are the same thing. When we try to separate them
we get the errors of Science/Religion. "

We are the world and the world is us. Science is great,
but flawed in that we don't know enough to say we "know" anything,
as any science "Fact" is subject to change at any given moment that we learn something new.
Religion is much the same, we cannot "Know" the ways of a given God for a 100% certainty,
so to build a formatted religion around such "knowledge" is vanity at best.

All we can really "know" is ourselves.
Our truth, based on logical thought.
If our basic premise is  correct

"This is the flaw of logic. Premises are the rock upon which logic is based.
They are not themselves subject to logical proof, however,
which means they can be flawed and incorrect. "

Which tells us even our thought is suspect,
without rigorous soul searching,
self exploration and study, ( which is why your here right.. :)
as our premise upon which we base
our logic and therefore thought, must be correct.
Or we delude ourselves.

 At Mimir fountain (Norse mythology) ,the Well of knowledge,
that sits beside the root of the world-tree,
Yggdrasil, the Guardian of the well demanded and got
Odins right eye to drink from it.

Which he was more than willing to do
To learn this simple information,
true knowledge based on a sound premise
has a value beyond price.

Only within the self can we find this truth.

The Charge of the Goddess puts it thus:

And you who seek to know Me,
know that your seeking and yearning
will avail you naught,
unless you know the Mystery:
for if that which you seek,
you find not within yourself,
you will never find it without.

 " Man is the measure of all truth "
According to Protagoras a persons reasoning ability
is how one should measure reality.

And how do we "know" our truth is real ?
We are adults, of sound mind ( we hope :) and spirit,
do we really need ANY corroboration to feel if something is right?
Do we really need to be told by some moth eaten scroll,
in order to believe that something is a fact?

 Just Because someone in authority or some book tells us
that such and such, is thus and so,
do we believe it..? I think not

( Ya can tell what kind of radical I was in the 60s can't ya..Peace \/ )

Our heart can feel, we can think, we can reason and with the Divine Mothers grace
and help can even Prove it to our own satisfaction,
which is what we demand for anything else we call truth

How much less time effort and thought should we give
for what we call the "truth" of all truths ?
Our ability to believe in something beyond the here and now,
to walk the planes and see for ourselves what we once knew, are our "truth"

All facts are suspect, even mine.. :)
I do not ask that you believe me. I ask that you go and prove to
yourself that the way is real, that it works, that its right for you,
hunt the world above and below,
seek out the inner-most parts of your own heart and soul
and find a truth that works,for you
Blessed Be your search...

 Companion works
Dream time .. Guiding the trip

Akashic records .. the halls of knowledge

Questions and answers, the dangers inherent in too many easy answers

 Excerpts from
Which is NO more :( But I give them their due anyway :)
Thanks Vickie for letting me know :)


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