Computer gen on the number twevle

Sunshine at Midnight

The Circles Grace

By the Candles Glow I see Their Faces
In Harmony We say the Graces
I Feel the Flow of Love that Binds Us
Our Circle Mates are always Behind Us
Brothers, Sisters, Teachers and Friends
Joined with us, on a Journey without End
When I hold your hand my Spirit can soar
Hold tight to me, and Let the Power Roar
Since the Dawn of time have we Circled Thus
In Perfect Love, In Perfect Trust
Servants of the Light are We
Together in this Harmony
Sunshine at Midnight, I see it in their Faces
In the Circle Bound and we say the Graces
Hail My Brothers and Sisters
Fellow Warriors of the Light
Power to Each other, for the Souls Flight
By Pale Moonlight, the Suns reflected Glory
Shall all Men know, We too have our Story

To make the World a Better place
Is why we go Within
That we not March to the Current ways
Some this a call Sin
We heed not this Slander
For We know our Hearts are Clean
Our Souls Is Content, with how its Sent
We Need No mans Decree to Be Free

Hail and Welcome One and All
To the Land of the Midnight Sun

Hail and Welcome to this Call
Of Love and Harmony
Blessed Be


For the Curious
The wild top image is a computer gen, based on multiples of the number 12
It seemed appropriate given the subject, not to mention Very cool looking :)

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