Fight of the Spirt by Pagan art

The Way of the Eternal Soul

The way of the Spirit, as it takes flight, this is the part of ourselves
that is bound to Earth only by the needs of the flesh that currently houses it

What is Spirit ? What comes to mind when we say that ?
The will? The inner self ? The real self ?

All of this and more are correct,the Spirit is the part of us that IS us
the real self that the body is just a shell for this time around

Ok so what does that mean for you?

The Way of the Spirit is to unloose the bonds of the flesh and stand as our true self.
We do this all the time, every night when you sleep the soul is set free to learn...
to grow... its why Dreams can be so enlightening

The way of Meditation is yet another were we seek to let the spirit move above
and beyond the earthly coil

But why do we do this?

Because the spirit within is what moves all the rest, its true nature is what moves us to do anything,
be it action in life or in the circle, it's the spirit that makes Magick real

is Spirit that can stand with the Great Mother and seek wisdom, it is Spirit that returns to Earth in reincarnation when we return to Earth after riding the comet of rebirth we know a great deal more than when we were here before. We have talked to others, our teachers are not of the flesh, but that knowledge is suppressed as we come back as child and must relearn how to get in touch with that inner self 

Ten rules of being human

This is what training of the mind is all about, an attempt to reconnect with that Spiritual self

The Way of the Spiritual warrior, the War is always with the self
to allow right action to flow through us and become one with everything

The ways of almost all teachers from history past to now.. from Buddha to Plato...
from Egypt Asia... all have taught this way of freeing the self to be the real self,
through Spiritual liberation

When we stand at the circles center, this is the ultimate realm of Spirit
as this is where we become again, the Spiritual being we started out as

May you Union with your higher self be Blessed


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