Jhonton Boswer
The Mirror of God

Hail to Thee Mother of Man
Sleeper at the Root of the World Tree

Glorious Bride, Sent to Mans Side
Liberating Angel sent to watch over Me

Matrona, Bride of Kings
Metatron, The Essence of Union ,
Of all things

Middle Pillar of Benignity,
With Mercy and Severity ..

Architect of the World,
Source of Grace that ever walks Beside Me

Beersheba of the Seven Wells
Whose River of life flows into the Great Garden of Earth

Above and Below, Without and Within
Into the Space which is no Space,
There you will find Her

Hail and Blessed Be
Great Mother of the World Tree



For those interested in the Female principle of God
according to Rabbinic law a good starting place is