Sedena ..Goddess of Sea Life

Sedena by Pagan art

Hail to Thee Great Mother of Oceans
Creator of Life in the Sea

The Walrus and Seal Do Thy Bidding
So the Children of Land May Roam Free

In your Tent of Ice and Stone
Great Mother of Whales are You at Home

When The Tribe does Increase by One
Your Cool smile to a New Mothers Eyes
is Like the Sun

When into the Long Boats, Man does Go
Our Prayers to you We Freely Show

Offerings We make unto The Sea
To Thank you for Your Endless Bounty

When the Nets are tossed Wide
Is your Name Praised
That the Fish not Hide

Great Mother of the Endless Seas
May you Ever Know Tranquility

Hail and Blessed Be Sedena
Mother Mermaid of the Endless Dream


Sedena is the Sea Goddess of the Inuit Peoples of Alaska
Blessing to One and All , and May the Hunt be fruitful

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