Dispite all odds the rock remains

In times of Plenty or in times of Drought
Despite all Odds

The Rock Remains

Ok true, To which you might say, So what ? :)
This is what
Permanence, the things that last
I mean look, in the middle of a stream
clinging to the rock, plants are growing.,
rushing water all around,
just waiting to tear it off of there,
yet .. there the moss is..
Persistence ... even in the face of adversity 
This simple rock with its moss, in rain fall and Drought
is a perfect example of a Way of living ... Life
What do I mean by this..?
Simple, we spend a great deal of our lives not living
but surviving .. the Body lives .. out of habit 
But there is no purpose to it .. no Joy .. no reason
We stumble from Crisis to Crisis, tumbled about
by the Waters of Life, mostly bitterly complaining
about it all, in the process
Some would say, "Well isn't it enough that I Live.. ? Ya want more ? "
I don't know about you .. but I sure do..
Too many of the years of my life were spent, just
surviving, and I am not talking about finances
As I'm still doing that ... just eking by ...
No this is about Life and how one lives it
And Living Large, despite adversity and challenge
Despite enough burdens to Crush a Rock to dust
Each day I get up and can Move, is large enough some days
So what on Earth is this fool woman nattering on about ?
Rocks, plants, rain .. Dust .. what.. ??? :)

We are like the rock with it's Moss, growing in the middle
of a fast torrent. That would just as soon wipe us off
the planet as look at us, but yet the Rock, the permanent
part is always there. The Moss comes and goes,
.. but the rock is always the same ..

Our Self Image is the Rock

Are we living Large enough to withstand the torrent..?
Or are we such small pebbles of dislike for ourselves
that the first good rush means we are going off
to never never land ?
Can the Rock Within, the image of the Self
hold up to whatever the World dishes out ?
Not sure about the answer to that.. ?

Then take a Ride downstream, with rapids and find out
Ya Ready...? Then lets go !!!

.. Check this list and see how the Rock of the Self holds up ? ..

#1 Are you your real Self .. ?

If your a round rock trying to fit into a square hole in the bed
your gonna get tumbled downstream pronto
If you are not YOU ... who are YOU ?
Where is the real Self ?

#2 Have you stopped giving a damn what others think ?

If you are trying to forever reshape the inner core of the self, to someone else's opinion ..
besides your own .. your damned before you even get started, as no matter how much
you change the very next person to come along
will have yet other ideas

Ya can't Please everybody...
So please yourself instead..

This does not mean make a selfish
unmitigated Putz of yourself

It means, have a Good opinion of yourself ,
and you won't need or care about anyone else's.
Your a good person .. you know it.. that's enough

#3 Do you Like the person you see in the Mirror.. ?

If you can't live with you, how can anyone else..?
Don't like the person you see ? That means you have work to do
on you, get on it and change things, until you like who you see

#4 Have you Given up Guilt ?

Feeling it or inflicting it.. Guilt is sentiment without purpose
If you are carrying around Guilt then do something about it
make amends, say your Sorry and get over yourself

Someone's wronged you...? Forgive them and get over it
or you waste your life in recriminations, and never grow
Up.. Out.. Strong.. you stay forever Weak,
as long as you are not big enough to forgive .
But don't get so carried away that, that your forget reason

Because we are all subject to rule 5

#5 Do you Take Responsibility for your own Actions and Choices ?

Never let the words pass your lips that
"I am this way because of what so and so did to me !"
BuZZ.. Wrong answer !
You are what you are .. because you choose to be
and you choose to try to make them responsible

Not only that, for as long as you try to make them responsible
you allow it to hurt you over and over again
As your hanging ON to the one thing you should let go of

You and You alone make the choice how to act, think and behave in life.
I don't care who did what or when, there comes a time
when a grown person
has to say

Enough !

It's my Life,
I will live it My way
and no past pain
is gonna dictate to me how to do it

Own it !
You are how you are, because you choose to be
no one is responsible for your actions, but you

# 6 Do you think .. before you act ?

To often we lose our place and position in life
simply because we didn't think the matter through before
we took action or said or did, more harm is done
to the Self by Carelessness, than by intent
The Sword of the Mind must be sharp to be used well

#7 Can you stand above the water
or will Life drown you the moment it rains a little ?

Have you developed enough skills and strengths, so that when
the Water starts pouring down and the level of the stream rises
you will be able to keep your head above it all ? If not then learn,
ask questions and Learn some more

Every time the water washes over you,
is a sign ya missed something, there was a point you didn't see
to stand on. This takes work and it means working at
it All the time. Once anit gonna get it.....
Or Next time perhaps .. Splash ... Bye Bye Rock
Watch out for the Waterfall, the Drops a dilly ! :)

# 8 Is there a good foundation under you
Of common sense and reason ?

Do you question your feelings, your motives, your intentions
often and well ? If not.,if you act blindly without understanding yourself
you are a Rock who Might look like it's stuck tight, but is sitting in an air pocket

Ever step on one of these crossing a stream ? It isn't pretty .. as it looks solid ..
until ya step on it and it rolls over and it dumps you on your butt ..... painfully

# 9 When you are faced with tough times
Do you stand firm and Deal with it or hide ?

When the stream has dried up and you have nothing left
and the Sun of hard times is beating down on your head
what do you do ? Scream, Cry and curse Fate or
Accept the fact that life ebbs and flows and the Water
will come back .. and be still, do what you can do
and wait for the water to come back, with some grace ?

Last One

# 10 When all the forces of Life are doing their best to toss
you around do you still like you enough, to like Life ?

We have all had days when we are so tired of getting bashed
about that we think about picking ourselves up and tossing
ourselves over the Waterfall .. on purpose .. After all
we have lived through and all that we have put up with
To just Surrender to the force and give up 
some days, sounds good

 Maybe we have a few
nicks bashed out, maybe we have lost our Moss too often
and we don't wanna bother with gathering anymore

This is the time when ALL of the Above
is important but
The Most important of all

A reason to live .. a reason to Be strong .. A reason to be


Love is the best reason of all
We love First of all .. Us ..
We Love Us enough, to let nothing stop us
Not even ourselves

Then We are able to

Love the Moss of company on the road of life
To love the Great Maker of all things
We can then Love all of it

This is why we stay
This is worth being strong for
This is worth sticking around for

Love is the only Real permanent thing going
It's the Water that caresses us
It's the Moss that covers us
It's the soft sand we stand on
It's the Knowledge of all the other Rocks
that are in the same bed as we are

It is the Pebbles that become the
Strong Rocks of our children

The Rock of the Self Image
Is Love for the Self which allows us
to have love for the World .. for all that is within it
Be it Rain or Drought

We can be All we Imagine Ourselves to be
If we are willing to Be a Good, Firm Rock .. :)
Who cares enough for Us .. Enough to Love

Blessing on All the Rocks in the Stream

For a very good resource on this subject of self image
Not to mention is much more Softly spoken than I :)

Please find a copy of
Self fulfillment
by Maxwell Maltz MD
Companion book to
Psycho Cybernetics

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