Seeking the Sybil by Pagan Art

Seeking The Sybil

For thousands upon thousands of years
Man has sought out the Sybil .. the soothsayer
The teller of fortunes , the ways to do so are almost limitless in number
Tarot, Runes, the I Ching .. Bibliography .. The Bones .. Dreams
The list is too long to recite :)

Pick any nation at any point in time, and you will find readers of tomorrow

Ok .. Why ?

The reasons are many, but the most basic being, is guidance
We seek some foresight into what we need to do in our lives, on everything from the
mundane to the divine, we want a clue as to what to do

Now all divination methods have one thing in common, however ,in that
they don't tell what to do .. they tell you what may be .. what challenges
you may face or what aspect of your life you need to address and thereby improve ones life

This is information worth asking about , However

Too often we want to know the wrong thing ! For example:
" Who will I marry ? " I get this one asked a lot, to which I tell them ,
" Who ever you want to :) " Now if they want to know is ,what will happen
IF they marry ,that I can maybe help them with :) As the act of getting married
is profound, their choice of spouse however, is a matter of personal preference
and for that they need no soothsayer, as they know best what their preferences are.

And so on it goes, as any good divination will tell you mostly
about yourself, as the self is the only part of life, you really have any control over

The Sybil reads You as much as he/she reads whatever guides they use
It's why sometimes you get a reading, that may be at odds
with what you think you want to know about

As the divination will speak to what you really need to be doing or not doing as the case may be,
which may or may not be, what's in the front of your mind

More than once a party I have read for, who didn't understand
why the Runes or Tarot said X .. will come back to me later and tell me
" Now I understand what they were trying to tell me "

This is why we seek out answers, our lives are so complex and convoluted, it's enough to drive a mule mad,
trying to figure out what is best to do, so we seek guidance, and often that means, seeking the Sybil

When consulting a diviner, intent is everything, as well as an open mind .
Open yourself to what is being said, and try not to judge it as, not relevant, too quickly .
This is about you and your needs and what one may need to do,
which is not always apparent at that moment , but it will be :)

And try to avoid this one. 

We seek and we hear, but do not listen because we don't agree with it ,
as the counsel runs counter to what we Want to do

I have had that one happen more than once too . I recall a lady who came up to me during a Fall Fest
where I was doing open readings .. she had a friend with her .. The reading I did for her said, in essence,
" there IS nothing you can do about the situation" Anything you try is a waste of time .. she was rather
upset by this .. However her friend told her " that's what the last three people have told you,
when are you going to listen ? " :) As I was not the first person she had consulted ,
and she had yet to resolve the issue, so it kept being presented over and over

And she doggedly kept trying to work her will on the matter, in a situation
where it was the wrong time to take action, her best course, and the challenge ,
was to do nothing at all, which she didn't want to hear

When one seeks the Sybil
One must have the willingness to at least listen to what you are told .. or else ..
Why bother to ask ?

That and another favorite of mine which is, don't be surprised when the Sybil "knows" what's up with you ,
without being told .. of course they do .. that's kinda the whole point :) . A good diviner
does not need to be told, the divination means tells them what they need to say to you ,
and all they need to know about you, so why be surprised
when they do seem to " know " One hopes they do :)

Can anyone do this ? Some are more gifted than others at it .. but yes ..
we all have the capacity to open the self to the divine and receive the knowledge
we need to aid our fellows or ourselves.

But most don't try to

There are those who do try, but one has to work at it, learn certain skills,
practice it, in general, it's hard work, which is why one often pays for their time.

Those who devote a great deal of themselves to this ancient art ,
have a right to be compensated for their efforts, 
as with any other skilled labor,
because it IS a skill.

Even in the old days one didn't go to the Sybil empty-handed ,
you brought at least a goat or lamb, or the coin with which to buy them
Even the Sybil must eat :)

This is the Sybil
Who has been sought after by man since the dawn of time

This is the sometimes naturally gifted soul,
who works hard at being open to the gifts of foresight and divine gifts,
who then .. if you are lucky .. shares the results of that effort
With you

May your road be illuminated from within and without
May you find the counsel you seek
And May the counsel always be wise :)

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