Cold Moon Rite

Bold Moon
Cold moon, shining down thur drizzling rain
Fog rolls, the air knows
The time is near for winters fane

Gather ye round your loved ones
Hold them tight thur the dark of night
Be still as the snow flakes that fall
On this still winters night

Hail Shining Ones
Who watch over us in the moons light
Peace on Earth, goodwill towards man
Is this seasons summons tonight

Gabriel Keeper of water
Let the ice form on any pain
Guard well this circle
Let its members stand proud
Protected by your hand

Urial Keeper of Earth
Let the ground meet our feet gently
Guard well this circle
Let its members trod the pathways
of the wise

Raphael Keeper of Air
Let the cold winds blow out any strife
Guard well this circle
Let its members breathe in the air
of Holiness

Mikhail Keeper of Fire
Let the flames of the incense fires be sweet
Guard well this circle
Let its members souls rise up like the smoke
Into the realm you keep

Quan Yen our Lady of compassion
Hear our call
This time of year brings change
This time of year brings shadows to fall
Sweet Lotus Lady
Lend us your calm demeanor
Thur this time of  the shades pall

Pershone Mistress of the Underworld
Keeper of the pathways of Light
Lend to us your light of hope
On this cold winters night

Evening ,Dawn and Midnight Sun
Guardians of the Dreaded Dog Simargl
Hear Now my plea
To lend to me your wisdom's
So that the guardian on this plane is me

Skekhinah The Mirror of God
Hail to Thee Mother of Man
Sleeper at the Root of the World Tree
Glorious Bride, Sent to Mans Side
Liberating Angel sent to watch over Me
Freedom we seek to work the Will
Seekers of Peace we be

A moments peace
This night with it brings
Time to feel the darkness
And feel no pangs of fear
For even in the darkest night
The heart sings of wisdom clear

Gather the strings of power
Like the weaver at the loom
Create a bond of magick
That can pierce the gloom

Pass the light
From hand to hand
Pass the light creation
Down to man
With the passing of the light
Feel your heart stand
In peace with the work at hand

Gabriel Keeper of water
We are cleansed by your touch
 You Guarded well this circle
We thank you very much

Urial Keeper of Earth
We are made solid by your grace
 You Guarded well this circle
We thank you for this place

Raphael Keeper of Air
In whose keeping is our very life
You Guarded well this circle
We  thank you for  the time free of strife

Mikhail Keeper of Fire
You warmed our souls with your light
You Guarded well this circle
We thank you for the warmth of the night

Hail lightbringers all
On this dark of night
Hail Good fellows who bring on the light
Merry meet my friends
and to all a goodnight




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