Healing the Earth, by Pagan Art

Green is the Spring time
White is the snow.....
Yellow when the leaves fall
Bright is the summer show
Or its supposed to be.....

Now a days we can't always say that for we humans are a dirty race
compared to our brothers the animals

Time for a small rant ! :)

It is more than time to clean up our act
and restore the balance to our Mother
who gives to us so freely

Recycling is one way among many... to clean up our world

Many times in my life when need demands it
I have become a collector of recyclables,
that others have tossed.

I could gather anywhere from 15 to over 100 lbs of such goods
from the streets alone .. in one day.. in my local neighborhood
and could repeat this trick, over and over and over again

Mind you this is just the streets and wastelands..
not pulling them outa waste cans..
This is just what people have tossed out their
window driving down the road

This shows no respect for the planet we live on,not to mention
wastes resources that our children's, children will do without
if we are not more careful

Now what can we do..? Besides not be a litter bug...?
A lot of things

off site link
Wonderful site that can hook you up to recycling centers
and options in your own location

And gives all manner of info on how to recycle and prevent waste
some of them in ways you never even thought of
I bet :)

And not for just local..
New site I just found for Recycling of all sorts
You name it, they can tell you how to recycle it
GRN recycle
off site link

Re Use

Now a days there's a thing called Shabby Chic
they even have books written on it

Which just means re using old things
in new ways...to decorate your house

I laughed when I read it :) as It detailed the :how to:
of what I have done all my life.
 But I am so happy to see it. As it means others will
learn... what a lot of us have always known

Use it till there is no further use you can put it to !
Then compost what's left!

But I must say we are learning as a race..
the recycle people are overwhelmed
right now with stock piles of goods
they have not yet processed ...
As the response they have been getting
is 10 times what they expected
recycle gif
So three cheers for the people!
All the people

cheers for the people smile

And last but not least


We use too much....
A lot more than we really need to,
in ways we don't even think about

For Example:

How many times have you let the water
run in the tub way beyond when it got hot
before you turned the shower on and got in?

Ump-teen thousand gallons of water a year
down the drain and the gas wasted to heat
what only the drain felt.

Our car in need of a tune up,
which means it eats 40 % more gas than it needs to run
and dumps lbs of pollutants in the air,
 and not to mention runs like crud

The list goes on and on and on..
 All it takes is a second, to think about
the resource wasting habits we all have and can change
without giving up a thing

We Pagans celebrate Earth day as a special day
with rites to the Earth and seed planting etc..
but everyday should be Earth day
for pagans and non pagans alike

Something to think about ?

Blessings on you and all your house


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