Psychic Attacks and the Way of the Witch

Getting up on my soap box for a moment

Real or imagined? Personal Responsibility and other tidbits about the whole thing :)

Well first off let me say that my own viewpoint is mixed, such attacks can be real


The amount of folk who have the kind of power that it really takes to deliberately send an attack,
not to mention who are willing to accept the bad Karma that such an act generates,
are few are far and between, as such an act just rebounds in their face
So it's really not worth doing

If I'm really that upset with somebody, I'll punch em out and be done with it !

If this is so, why is the concept that others do this to each other, so prevalent ?

Mainly due to, differences of opinion on what is a Psychic attack for one thing
A great many things may be an attack on ones spirit, just by being near it 
or come from the other plains in an attempt to sully the soul,
but that is a whole other order
from what most people seem to mean when they say they are under Psychic attack,

this missive addresses the, so called, personal attack by another human being

In the work a day world, we say someone dislikes us or has ill will towards us and leave it at that,
however in the Pagan world this same feeling is often considered a Psychic attack
on us, and this belief is held by many many people in the community.


Well for one, because sympathetic magick does work and
 thoughts DO have power. We are not head blind. And can FEEL
Ill thoughts when others think them, even if we don't know just what
the thoughts are, we can feel the feelings. These are real,
even as simple a substance as water reacts to such things.
 (See very neat page on water and emotions Here if your interested. off site link )

Which is why there is such a large need for the ethical behavior required to walk the way of the Witch
Strong emotions like hate, jealousy, envy etc. send out massive negativity
and are not, or should not, be part of any Witch's mental state at any time

The same force of Will that allows us to effect changes with the Craft
is like handling a double edged sword with no hilt.
It's not something to be handled carelessly
Any reasonable person handles the Will, and themselves, very very carefully

Will however, implies intention

 One cannot have the Will to do something ... Accidentally

Intent is everything, so if there is no Willful intent on the part of a human to
launch an attack, then there is nothing your feeling but perhaps, human emotions

Yet despite this, these claims of deliberate personal Psychic attacks persist in the Pagan community

And most such claims, are, in my personal opinion, incorrect

Which is NOT the same as saying that anyone who claims it, is a liar
But rather perhaps, that they are a sensitive person
who is mistaken on what they are picking up, really means

Just because one is sensitive enough to pick up another's Ill will or distress,
as well as be able to pick up who it's coming from, does not necessarily mean
they deliberately sent some form of whammy against you

It simply means perhaps, they don't like you !
 Or that you have upset them and they feel they have reason to think Ill of you 

And being the well developed psychic person that you are
you know they feel this way and can pick up on the vibes quite readily

This is not an attack, this is, that they are human and are upset with you
and you can " feel " this ... Period. The only thing special about it is your own keenness of perception

Then there is, unfortunately, the deplorable habit of some people telling others that
so and so attacked them just to dis-credit them or for political backbiting in the group.

Which has not a thing to do with Psychic attack, and more to do with the very real human tendency
to have it in for others, as the person so charged has no way to " prove " they didn't !

This is beyond reasonable and anyone who indulges in this kind of petty narking
for self aggrandizement, deserves richly whatever Karma they get for it ! Nuff said !

A real attack is quite another matter ... and if you have ever really been
on the receiving end of such a thing you will have no doubts about it's reality, and
it's beyond the scope of this missive to get into that, however suffice it to say

The " better " one gets on the path the more likely such things might occur
and not from any human agency. The more you work for the Good
the stronger the ILL, for want of a better word, will seek to disrupt you
For every Force there IS a counter Force.

This is a real attack on oneself and ones soul, not the petty carping and harping
of a fellow human, who has as many faults and frailties as you.
And like yourself, can get their knickers in a twist and think bad thoughts
when they are upset about something

 However, just because your having a bad hair day and had a disagreement
with so and so recently, does NOT mean they are sending some bad vibes after you.

This is the kind of logic is that started the whole of the Witch Trials of Salem,
My milk cow went dry, therefore, the " Witch " down the street did it !
Sound Familiar ?

Do we really want to perpetuate the same misunderstanding
which lead to the deaths of 1000s ?

Why do we need to blame a bad day on anybody anyway ? It happens ! Get over it !
We sneer at other faiths who blame all their problems and bad luck, on some " Devil " rather than accept personal liability for it,
but how is the tendency on the part of some, to assume that all problems they have can hark back to some personal
Psychic attack against them, any different ? It's called bad days happen and we don't need to "look" for a reason

 Also all manner of things are Called psychic attacks, from environmental stress
to the manipulation of the media, which are a whole different order of attack on ones spirit
in the sense of depression etc., with tons of advice on how to combat this kind of " attack "
some of it even useful :) from a mental health point of view

But the only real protection one needs from the picking up of human emotions
or the bombardment of the media , to even the REAL deal of Psychic attacks
from the ethereal planes ...  is lack of Fear

Fear is our only enemy, the only real weakness and the only doorway
through which any ill will can get to us .. because WE let it


Sorry for the shouting but this ones important
it's the very simple fact of recognizing that any attack, even from the
REAL deal, cannot hurt you, unless you allow it to hurt you

You allow it by believing
A:  That It can hurt you therefore its something to fear
B:  just because it's possible that it's something to fear
and C: That it's something you have no control over

Please note the last one, control, we have the control over any response we have
for any reason whatsoever. And that includes this. It's no different that any other response
We do not have to be afraid ,unless we choose to be, and it's only through fear, that such has any power over us.

If one is aware enough to realize it's happening ,
one is aware enough to reject it as having any power over you, by losing ones fear of it,
it's as simple as that.

The more you focus on it, the more you fight it, the more that you Fear the very thing
you should be blowing off like the irrelevancy that it is, the worse it can get

To be aware is wonderful, to allow that awareness to make you miserable isn't.

There are times you may have to deliberately shield yourself
as there are things out there that do not mean you well and only a fool denies this

Does this mean however, to walk around with a stone wall around the soul all the time ?


It just means at times, you do need to close the doors to the spirit,
as you may have an unwanted guest but it does not mean,
as some would have it, that you shouldn't have a door !

And, if someone did leave a package on the porch and ARE being nasty to you
SEND IT BACK no matter who left it ! And next time leave the light on
so you see who it is if they come back !

I pay no heed to the ill will of others. I can feel it, I see it, I try very hard not to respond to it
It's their Karma to bear, not mine, and it does them NO good if I bleed with them

My task is, if at all possible, to help them heal from the wound they have given
themselves. Can I do this if I allow them to wound me ? NO, so I do not allow it
in as much as it's humanly possible. Does it always work? NO

Which is why we do learn to shield and clean the eitheric body or aura of any attachments
we may have picked up in a moment of weakness. Which may have effects on us.
We wash the body to remove dirt we picked up, well this is no different
We Just use a different kind of soap :)

But to figure, that everything bad that happens to us, from sickness of the body
to air pollution, is some kind of attack on us personally ?
Every time I hear this, I just cringe !

Ever hear of the concept that " Feces Occurs " ? :)

Ninety percent, I would say ,of " attacks " are no more than a weak spot
on the part of the individual or the group. It's called personal responsibility folks.

If there is a problem in your personal life or group ?
Fix it if the other party will let you and stop the ill will right then and there.

There is illness ? Treat it if you have the means.
There are world issues, Vote, sign petitions , recycle, whatever, you get the picture
there are things you can do ... do them!

It's not reasonable to sit around and blame everything bad you might feel,
on some attack on the part of a person or group. This denies any personal responsibility
for your own well being, as someone ELSE takes the blame for its lack !

If a real attack occurs because the " ILL " wishes to stop you from the Great work
you will know about it and you will deal with it by whatever means needful

But human failings, don't even remotely come close to qualifying

The Way of the Witch is the way of the Strong!
Not the way of the Whine!

Getting down off my soap box now
Thanks for listening