I lost a friend today who has graced my life for 11 years
It's not often we "buy" a friend. 
But I bought her for my own birthday gift  some 11 years ago
She proved a daily gift... to me.. for her entire life

My Precious.. 
who came to me  at 7 weeks old
out of a cage of nearly 30 animals when
I stuck my hand down in and waited ..  until one came to me..
and she, of them all ... did

I am so glad she Did :)

Once when she was very little,
I had her on a necklace
around my neck.. where she had curled into the ball
for which her breed is named and went to sleep 
I forgot she was there

I went to the store and the clerk made comment 
on my interesting necklace. 

She looking like a knot of rope on a cord ... 
She chose that moment to untuck her head and look at him
" VERY interesting necklace" 8 }

Around my neck, giving me little snakey hugs 
and occasional snake kisses in my ear..
which tickles :)

She of whom my granddaughter's
tried to hug  and I had to explain that
Precious could hug them, 
but that it's hard to hug Precious :)

She would let me know she was hungry 
by praying to the Mouse God.. :)
As we came to call the maneuver
by crawling up the side and nosing the top glass of her cage
doing the occasional thud snake..  when she fell over,
till she got big enough 
to stand up there :)

Or eye balling the latest batch of kittens..
Is it tender my Precious..? :) 
to quote the Golum
Which is how she got her name

Watching all the little "spooks" on her pretty sides change 
just a bit every time she shed into beautiful new scales :)

In her own reptile fashion  she felt love
and gave love ..all the days of her life

I will miss her..

May the Snake Gods Welcome Her


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