Persephone, Goddess of Spring and the Underworld

Hail to You, O Queen of the Underworld! 
Hail to You, O Maiden of the Spring!
Hail to You who is youth and wisdom all in one.

You see both sides, the Light and the Dark.

When the breeze is warm upon the skin, You are Kore, Spring’s Maiden,
She of flower wreaths and Nymphs' laughter.
Beloved Daughter of a nurturing Mother, who with her step
Causes the Earth to green.

You care for the grain as it springs up tender from the Earth.
You are the bounding forth in the dawn of life. 
You are the laughter in the green fields.

With Autumn’s call, you descend into the darkness.
You take up your torch and become Persephone, the light bearer, the way shower.
Bearing the fruit of life, you go down into the shadows
To bring comfort to the shades waiting there.

You plumb the depths and unearth riches beyond imagining.
You give healing to those who come to you, suffering.
You give us the crown of wisdom when our suffering is ended.

You are the light in the darkness, the guide along the way.
You give rest to the weary and succor to the suffering. 
You are the voice in the dark depths of the Self. 

Persephone, Queen, bring us clear purpose
and understanding of the deepest Mysteries.

Light our way as we descend to your depths.
Give us rest and healing.

Tianie Bessent
June 2005
Reprinted here with her kind permission

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