Pagan And Proud of It !
Award to Receive

Award for Excellence

This Award has been Granted to Sites of Excellence
On the Pagan Paths

If you know of a Site that you feel deserves this
Award for Excellence and Service to the Community

Please Bring them to my Attention :)

Please, send me the Url
And your reasons why the site should receive this award

If I do not answer your letter, in some fashion, please
assume I never received it and re-send it
Thank you

Current Holders of this Award

Ord Brighideach
Cill Piorra Chapter

The Goddess Path

Magic Light

New Moon Occult Shop

The unexplained world

The Witches Brew

Hand fasting by Design

Crystal eyes Cauldron

Bridgets Haven

White Wicca

Shadows of OZ
Wicca for Australia and the Southern Hemisphere :)

Pagan Moonbeams

The free Pagan home school newsletter for kids

Oak and Mistletoe
Fine School and shop

White Witch 
Pagan and magick emporium in the heart of England's witch county

This list was a great deal longer but during the update I found several
that have gone off-line and are not reachable by email.. so if you have been here before
that's why the list suddenly shrank :)