All Hail Our Great Mother Bast

Temple of Bast

Mother of felines, Mother of night
Great Mother of shadows, hunter without light

In the shadows, with eyes so bright
Glow like the sunlight, in the middle of the night
The all seeing eye, of wonder and delight

Sensual Mother, who teaches us grace
From you we learn Joy, with soft footed pace
Mother of sunlight, Great Goddess of Joy
Keeper of the Children, Keeper of Youth
Watcher over the house, that no ill comes to roost

Teacher of independence
Keeper of the Keys
The wisdom of focus, the wisdom of peace
Soft is the tread of the Great Mother of Cats
Fiery is the Passion, who knows how to relax
Sweet perfumes we burn in your honor
Who taught us to savor, the sweetness of life
And Passions favor