The Nine Noble Virtues

Our Brethren the Asatru, have a Code of Ethics they call the
Nine Noble Virtues .. and they work very well for us all
and they are a serious kick in the pants.. :)

I share them now with you..
All the interpretations are my own... as ever ... :)
May they be of use to you


The ability to get up everyday and face the world..
To view the struggle of life as a means to
become strong.. Without the courage of conviction.. nothing else is possible..
Do ya have to be Joan of Arc..? NO.. each thing is relevant..
but in some way start to act  with the courage of your convictions..
It gets easier over time. :)
Have Courage


To see the world with wide open eyes.. reality what a concept.. :)
we must work to understand what
is real and what is not..and live our lives based on truth.
Lies have no place in the Pagan path..
not to the Gods or to each other..
Truth is out there....go get it..!


We must have Honor above all.. for what is a woman without it..?
What a man makes will crumble to dust.. his reputation however will outlast anything else he builds.
Therefore we must act in honor and hold high standards for ourselves.
When others speak your name after this incarnations done..
what will they say..? Honorable.?


Are we just part timers in the beliefs of the Faith, or do we live it,
breathe it, and become it ? Faithful is what we are, ( or should be )
Loyalty to a cause, an ideal, to the Path should come without thought..

Does this mean go shout it off the rooftops.. ? means when its logical to say .. do it.. ! When there is occasion for action.. take it..
but above all in your heart.....feel it..this is fidelity


In the present day world we can live somewhere for years and
never even know our neighbors name..
No one has seen the inside of our space..This isolation is not mandated..
it is self imposed.. open your eyes and your door.. especially
to the stranger. Who is just a friend, you have not met yet..

This comes hard in this day and age.. but until we go back to where everybody
knew everyone else, we will live forever in our little worlds of fear and superstition..

We must remember Hospitality
and our world will become less hostile


Self control, and deliberate action.. the way of Karma.. WE are in control of our lives,
our feelings, our destiny... All we need is freedom to act.. to fulfill it..
And the will to do it right...Self Discipline is the cornerstone of who we are


Sit back and wait for the the afterlife ?
I don't think so.. :) Enjoyment of life does not just come and drop in your lap,
ya have to go out and get it.. We are the caregivers of the Earth..
get out there and do something about it.. :)

To sit back and figure its someone else's job is for sentimental fools..
Who don't care enough of Earth or their fellow man to act on
the sentiments they spout. Roll up your sleeves
and get down and dirty if need be.. :)


We do not depend on man or God to get done what needs doing. We are
expected to know, to reason, to understand what's going on and deal with it..
Not sit around and grouse about it..

( I know WE ALL do this one. but.. )

You and only you can effect change no one else.. if life is to change..
it must come from you. The self is on whom you rely


When the going gets tough.. the tough get going.. as the saying goes
there are very few easy answers.. and some things are gonna take years to complete..
Do you have the guts to stick it out and get it done anyway?

Not for a good card carrying Pagan is the concept of Meek !
We do not wait for it, we go get it.. even if it means we have to work everyday to do it ...
when the Mother calls we go..even if we don't want the task handed us..
we do it anyway...

This is perseverance...

Sound like anything you can use, or put to practice.. I hope so..
Thanks for stopping in :)

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