The Spiritual Self
The Spiritual Self by Pagan art, Me:)

Near Death experiences and Out of body experiences :)
What do these things mean ?
And how do they relate to the Spirit ?

These events are really two separate issues .. but will deal with them both at once
The subject came up on a wonderful forum to which I belong, as I have experiences with both...
I now share that with I did with them

My experiences with these events, starting with the NDE,
been there done that..3 times now..
and it goes like this...


I was electrocuted... by a live wire in a puddle of water under the sink, 
tossed across the room like a rag doll and my heart stopped cold for like 10 min , during which time, 
my neighbor ,to whom I owe my life, was doing CPR till paramedics got there 

( she saw me fly across the room...through my living room window...from her house..
she thought my husband had
hit me  or something ! )  And came over to give him a piece of her mind.. brave woman.. 
she saved my life and my children's lives in the process, as they could have come along right behind me
and touched the same thing as I did.

This I know ,only because, I was told later what occurred, as I was not there...

Here is where I was

Image a vast room filled with fog , you cant see the floor, the walls, no sound, then a breeze comes up and clears the fog away..and you find the room is filled with people, in this case, people I didn't then know. There were 12 of them, they called themselves the counsel. They are adepts who once lived and stay in the realm between life and death. I spent what seemed like many days with them, talking and learning, the details are like wisps of fog to the waking mind, but I know what I learned  is in there, waiting for those times when I am deep in meditation, then I can recall the conversations. the concept we call time stops. In the space of a heart beat between life and death...


My heart stopped again, during sex believe it or not...( and no I'm not going into any titillating details... :) 
Luckily my mate at that time was a paramedic, but even he had to call in the guys with the defibrillators to get things going again ( no damage to the heart thankfully...) This went on some 20 mins in real time,
again this was reported to me, as I was not there....

Here is where I was

On a mountain top looking out over a vast valley, with the wind blowing. I can feel it now whipping my hair about, 
and smell the clean smell of it.. and hear the voices coming up to me, drifting up from the valley floor, telling me things. 
I feel the presence of a warm body behind me, holding me, so I rested comfortably while I heard the voices of the wind.
I can still visit that mountain top :) Someday soon I will paint the image of it


Respiratory arrest on an operating table...

This one is a little more, common place really to start out
as I stayed right here, watching and listening to all that occurred. I freaked the doc out when I told him word for word
the things he said while trying to make the body come back,he was normally the soul of politeness, but knew death 
was always standing on the other side of any OR table and hated to lose. 
( He called me every name in the book, as in 'DON'T YOU DARE DIE ON ME YOU B**** )
but it was so comforting to just float around watching all this go on.

I had been ill for sooooooooo long, the body was just flat worn out and badly used
( gall bladder became gangrenous and tried to to take me out with it....)

The next phase after he pulled me back into the body though is interesting,
as I spent the next three days in a coma,
scaring my doctors to death in the process.

Here.. is what happened then....

I spent what felt, like many mts, at what I can only call a university, there were many others there, all of us training 
and learning, or just resting by the rivers edge in good company, people would flicker in and out like bad TV reception 
from time to time, analogous to states of awake, or asleep I suppose. For me, again the details of what happened in toto,
are not available to the waking mind, but can be recalled under deep meditation.
( one day I will have to work with someone to record all that )

But as you can see, each state between life and death had the same effect, a place where time as we know it, 
stops and the powers that be take advantage of this state were the bodies limitations are not an issue
.... and give you both teaching and healing .... as one ....

I revisit the mountain top from time to time in meditation. I play a harp for the speakers of the voices I heard 
( which I can recall doing and how to do .. from some other life,but in this time frame , I don't know how, 
but my hands itch to play every time I see one..) but that's on the subject of reincarnation

OBE .. Out of body experiences

Now this concept has to do with everything from deep meditation, to rite and Ritual as in 
Drawing down the Moon, to seeking the truth during Astral travel 

This much sought after thing , we do as easy as breathing , every night of our lives,while we 
sleep,its trying to do it deliberately while more or less awake that's the trick 
so what it this OBE? What do I mean ?

To be out of body means to send the soul if you will, the real self for a
flight of the spirit , out of the mundane body to elsewhere,
Where the elsewhere is, depends a great deal on what you believe

For me that elsewhere can range from places I have built on the Astral plane..which are mental creations that
have taken on form, to the worlds of the Cabbala, to the Moon paths of the Adepts. There are a million names
for these places,but the point here is, there is another plane of "reality" that one can only see,
while out of the physical body , which is why it is so sought after as an experience

Now there are those who think this is complete balderdash !
They thought the same thing in the time of Egypt .. or Aristotle ..
And that's ok, as those who don't believe that such a realm exists, will forever disbelieve it,
for they will never see it, belief is a powerful force

Do I delude myself with such quests for understanding ? Are my Death experiences just a figment of a brain
deprived of oxygen as some have said ? I cannot prove my beliefs, but neither can anyone disprove them :)
I and billions of others like me throughout time, who have seen the place that is no place..
in a time that is no time. And many of them didn't have to die to see it the first time :)

We who believe that the only reality we really have, is not the corporal body in which we are born, but the one
we stand in when we slip the bonds of Earth and stand as the spiritual beings we really are :) I have seen the other 
side and been back to tell the tale... as I have now told you ... may the information serve you on your quest for 
understanding the Glory of the divine


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