Memorial for Wayne "JR ' Milliman
May, 19 th, 2005

JR fairy godfather and my best freind

Stop Aids
Jr was my best friend, "Fairy" Godfather to my children
and one of the craziest men I have ever known !

Kept his finances in a way that would drive any sane accountant nuts and got away with it ! Could fall in a pile of trash and come up smelling like a rose every time. 

King of " slime deals" wheeler and dealer for just about anything you could name. Red neck to the bone and Gay as a three dollar bill. 
Which most people might think is a contradiction in terms, but he didn't :)

Jr never did learn to read or write well, as he was dyslexic, but it meant he had a memory like a steel trap. He passed his trucker lic exams
by memorizing the whole thing, the exam is some several hundred questions long. He could tell you what was wrong with a car, just by telling him what it was doing,
and he had a three D map in the mind of the car and what hooked to where, he had to,
he couldn't read the manuals.

For many years I was his " secretary " for any paperwork he needed and his personal web assistant whenever he wanted to find something on line .. and was happy to do both for him. He would call often, after I moved away from where he lived in Tucson AZ, just to yak and I will miss the outrageous conversation's.

His doctor told him many times over the last years he had to quit smoking, after 30 years of a several pack a day habit, He told his doctor 
" why, what's it gonna do..? Kill me..? :) " and then told him what he could do with his suggestion.

JR never hurt a soul, that didn't hurt him first,
Anyone dumb enough to do it over once, found out just how much a Red Neck he was

He cared passionately for any he considered his friend. And would literally give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.
I am honored to have been considered foremost on that list.

My brother in spirit, was an over 9 year survivor of AIDS, with all the attendant problems there of, pneumonia, several strokes, 
valley fever, the whole nine.. A final stroke, after much painful recovery from prior ones was the final cause of his death..

I would ask please, that all who read this, to donate just one dollar
to any AIDS fund or foundation in his memory.

American Foundation for AIDS Research

AIDS.ORG - Help Others Fight AIDS

 Stop AIDS

These are just a few possibles but which ever you choose
Please do it today and help stop Aids from taking another life
Thank you

Stop Aids

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