Magickal Names

Since this subject came up on a board I belong to
I thought I would share my thoughts on it..

First off..... why have one at all......?

Several reasons, for one thing it takes you out
of the mundane day to day world, just as donning robes
or lighting candles etc. does, for rite and ritual

For some it is a nom clamautre,
to hide their real gatherings
Or on the web.....
I don't much approve of that,
but I can see why some might do it

For yet others it becomes their day to day identity,
supplanting their birth name...
as a dedication to the gods

For others, the why ,
is because they are called to a new life
and want a new name to do it

I like this last one and the first one myself
My magick name was given me
by my Coven leader, who channeled it ,
from my Patron Goddess

From that day to now..
I am Esta ... I am also StarWind
It changed my life

Now think of that name for a second
and what images of personality
does it bring to mind...?
And do you think it fits me..? :)

Sharing your magick name ?
How do you get a name ?

There are many schools of thought on that
There are those who feel our magick name
should only be shared with coven members

There are those.. like me,
who feel it's as much a part of who you are, as anything else,
and therefore needs to be shared with all it matters to..
note on the word
...Matters.. it's not a nick name.. :)

There are those who feel the name
Must be given you by someone else..,
Those who think its fine to choose your own name,
and so on and so on.. the list is rather long
To me, anyway that makes it clear to you
is the right way..

I feel this way, if you are to have a name
you will be told how to keep it too
If it's to be shared, that will be apparent
For myself I feel that sharing it ,
is much the same as sharing my title of Reverend

Which I don't put in front of my name
unless it's relevant..even thou I could
For things like signing a marriage lic.,
sure of course... but not just anywhere

In fact through
I use my Magickal name more than most
I post it all over the place..
But again where it is relevant to do so
On rites, on prayers to the Goddess
on BBs where magick is the name of the game
Like my art site ..  or this my personal site
You cannot read either one of these,
without learning my magical name

I have come under some censure for that..
and I don't really care, to each their own say I

Everyone must make
a personal choice on the matter
It's part of the responsibly
for having such a name
is the choice to use it wisely

As its not just a new moniker,
you get to use.. it's a part of you.. of your life
of your dedication to the Gods
and carrys its own weight of responsibility
so consider this well, when choosing a name,
it's much more than a string of letters

Just my two cents..