Life beyond Life ?
The Egyptians believed in life beyond life..
beyond the here and do many other cultures
So what do we, as Pagans believe?

That depends a great deal on who you ask.

-My personal belief is that many of us-
visit this world many times
..A belief that..

The followers of Krishna would say
our Karma off site link
brings us back.

The adherents to Buddha believe
that we are "on the wheel"
until we reach enlightenment.

For most modern day pagans off site link
the belief is
that death is but a door

-Thur which we walk-
and are born again
and yet again
and again

-This is not because-
we did something
rather we are
not yet as perfect
in understanding
as we could be
or have
some task to do.

I think you would agree that to be ALL
you can be would take many life times to learn

( ugh! sounds like we are in the Army, but then maybe we are :)

-When someone dies before their time-
we hold that maybe the next time
around will be better for them
that their time is spent
and their purpose
for being

We, the ones left behind in this life
take comfort in that knowledge

( As I take great comfort in that knowledge
for my son...Kory :)

Dragon path to my sons memorial
To memorial site

They WILL be back
even if we miss them in the here and now

Taken to extremes this could led to a bad case of don't-give-a-damn-itis
Next time Ill do it right, this time I am having fun...!
NOT..Buzz..wrong answer !!!!!

|...It is why, among other...|
any good
of the Craft
also carries with
a heavy load of
and ethical
_"And it harm none"_

Just because you are coming back does not mean
ya aren't expected to get it right
this time around.. :)

-In fact ,the fact you are coming back-
is all the more reason to
better the world as
much as you
Make sense to you?

-Like recycling..what a concept-
Too selfish or too lazy
to leave some
for others?

.....Then take the long view.......
and leave it for yourself. :)
Whatever it takes
Recycling page this way if you would

Speaking of leaving some for others

Its one reason why many
pagans and others espouse the idea of
donation of organs at the time of death

--This body is --
but a shell
for the soul
and once we are done
with it..why not share it
for the life and health
---of another---

Page regarding donations

Way stops along the way

As with many other sects
there is the belief that there
are stopping points
for the soul after death

To the Egyptian this is the realm of Anubis
where the heart is weighed.
Against a feather..
and the 47 questions are asked.

One of which is
" Is anyone on Earth better for having known you?"

How would you like a God to ask ya that one?

Before being allowed in
the underworld, the land
of the midnight sun.

For the Wiccan paths and others
there is the concept of Summerlands off site link
a place of rest between incarnations.

To the followers of Buddha,
the enlightened one
can return to earth
to help his fellows

Or stay in the astral planes off site link
and help their fellows
from there
the reunion with
force that made it all
Like the Great Mother of
----Qwan Yin----

By choice as some would have it
or by force as some would have it

|..The concept.......|
is a common
-time and culture-

Does everybody come back?
Are there ones that don't come back ?

Ever ?

Are there those who are born and live and die
like the flowers of the field?

Never to be seen again?

Can't answer that one....
anybody who has a good explanation
or opinion on this concept
be my guest and take a shot at it.

But of the ones who,
to the minds of many
choose to go..on........
or rather not to return
what's up with that?

The Light and other such things:

Again that depends a great deal on who you ask.

|.....Most pagans would say that......|
.they become one with the force.
....after corporeal death.....
..who do not return..

The force of light
at the Keter of the tree of life
which is the basis of all life.

...A buddhist would say that...
..they had attained..
did not
_need to return._

..An Egyptian would say..
..they had lived well...
.and earned their.
_in the underworld._

And so on..

For each culture in time
there is a slightly different
version of this commonly held belief

But the very fact that IT IS
so commonly held speaks
highly of its potential for reality.

I mean given the whole of mankind
thurout all of known time.
_wouldn't they?_

____If not then we are all deluded fools___
..who comfort ourselves with...
..falsehood which case.. matters little to...

But I and many others like me..
don't believe that we as a race
are THAT dumb

As with so many other things
race memory persists
even in the face of disbelief

Concepts that are important
are remembered
by someone

If not everyone
somewhere in the quiet of the soul

Which speaks yet again for
reincarnations probability
that get..
re newed...
and re newed...
...and re newed again...

....each generation....
..each continent..
..each nation..
..each era..

--Like it was someone's job--
perhaps to come
back and see to
it the memory
didn't die
-Something to think about ?-

You tell me.. :)

To a very well written page that shows the belief
over many many different paths and cultures

Companion work
The Journey


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