Ley lines of the Earth
and their meaning to the Craft
A short missive on the basic concepts

Ley lines Ley lines as Cabal map Ley lines

Ley lines accoding to Leyland

All of the above images and more, depict the same concept: ley lines
Each according to the theory that the creator believes in.
But above all ,the point is they do believe in them.

Ok, all this is very interesting right ?
And makes for good speculation on the parts of many...
but what has this to do with the practice of the Craft... in a word ...lots... :)

The ley lines of force are what practitioners of the Craft tap into,
to draw power ,to do the rites and rituals from a purely physical/physic point of view.

See my page on the Metaphysics of the Craft for more information
if you came here off an engine and not the related page.

We humans run on electrical power, we can use the power of the ley lines to amplify our output of energy.
This amplification is many times greater than we can generate using just the bodies energy.
We control and make flow this energy through the Chakras of the body.

Many believe that the ancient sites of power are
the main focal points for these lines.
( see last image above for an illustration of this point )

It is believed that they were set up where they are,
often far away from villages and often far away
from the source of the material's which made them
,due the power of the Earths force already in place.

The stones used to build Stonehenge for example, were brought many many miles
to the site where they now stand...with great difficulty..
as they had no modern moving vehicles.

( Unless one believes the tales of Merlin magicking them over... :)

The great pyramids have this same effect.. stone quarried many miles away and
then set up many miles from the population...
and set up right on current ley lines, as we now know them.

Which would lead one to think maybe they knew them too...
which is why they built in, otherwise, awkward places.

These sites are set up over some major nexus points
(where two or more lines cross ) and have been fed even more power with the rites
and rituals held in such places.

In between you will find standing stones, burial mounds
and other markers to keep the line intact, and to note it's location over large areas.

It is the reason why some of these stones and mounds,
are out in the middle of nowhere, with no village or town nearby
to explain their purposeful erection.

And not only that .they are often made of special stone
which is power conductive, or created in a way that conducts energy.
( see lower links for more detailed information on these factors )

Like batteries the nexus points store energy
and when someone turns them on.. by drawing power, and amplifying
it with the will and releasing it back, the sites send that power along the lines to other sites
and so on and so on..building this great net of energy.
And this is energy, from anyone of good intent.

Not just Pagans and the Craft

When doing the research on the theory that leys run in strait lines , it was found
that a great many nexus points have been "Christianized " in old Europe.

Watkins felt that many of the key sighting points along these old straight tracks evolved into sacred sites,
such as standing stones and burial mounds. Watkins felt that eventually the old straight tracks
fell out of use, and so we only have the aligned sites today to indicate their courses or routes.

He also theorized that in the historic, Christian era, some of the prehistoric, pagan sites
became Christianized, and this explained why he found so many ancient churches 
standing on his alignments. It is certainly
a fact that many such sites did become Christianized throughout Europe. "

Does the fact that a bunch of churches sit on the ley lines
mess them up or get in the way
because they are not practitioners of the Craft?

Of course not...they work just fine. :)

Which just goes to show it does not matter
how you practice your faith, be it the power of traditional  "prayer" or the power of the Craft,
we are all one and show reverence for the same divine grace.
No matter what name we call on or what ritual we use.

Not to mention all men and women of good will, contribute towards this collective grid.
Most of them, all unawares that they do so, only that this place feels best to them to hold their devotions.

Or build a church on.  :)

Do you have to be at some old power site to do ritual?

Of course not ( see the very first image on the top of the page )
The lines are everywhere, ( I have my  personal doubts that they are  THAT prolific but...
to each their own thought on the matter..)  but you can tap into
them from just about anywhere.. distance just makes it harder to do.
 Some places are more powerful than others and therefore preferred.

Any practicing Witch has a " favorite" place to hold ritual, because it feels right.

Add to this, the tree of life, the Cabala and you have power
on two levels, as above so below as it's called.
Both become energized with this activity.

The same lines are present on the astral
and the great net works it's way out into the universe.

The way of the Witch is to walk between the worlds
and effect change for the betterment of things.

This power of Earth, the force the ancients left marked for us,
directed by the will and sent out into the net of light
of the Cabalalistic tree which provides for us all,  with  divine grace,
lets the power we raise, effect the changes we seek.

Which is a nice way to say we turn it on..
turn it up and flip the switch and things happen !
By the Great Mothers grace.
As we will
So mote it be

Now is all this just a bunch of New age or Pagan  nonsense based on a mess of facts
that are not related using circular arguments to " prove" them..?
Consider this...

The scientific community admits there are electromagnetic lines of force around the Earth .......whose purpose they can't explain
and that this force is more apparent around the old sites... many many studies have been done by serious researchers.....
however , as a group, they refuse to accept the commonly accepted explanation....nor can they explain how a human with
drowsing rods ( off site link ) can find with accuracy, what their instruments can barely detect.

The old sites and mounds do line up......any good map will show you that
They are built in places they have no other logical reason to be there, other than to be on the power points

The standing stones are more than just native stone
The mounds have special materials and ordering to their makeup
which has been found to conduct power

Instruments can detect them, drowsers can find them,
many many culture's have beliefs about them ,
in isolation from each other in the old days, and in the current day.

 And BILLIONS of people through out recorded time, say they feel them and they have meaning.
So if the current day pagan is deluded by this belief, then
we are in good company .... right along with eons of our brethren long gone
who thought so too :)

So weather you believe in any of the current theories or not...
there is something you CAN use ,to make your rite and rituals work better,
be more powerful and be a lot more effective,waiting there quietly at your feet.
Which is what this page was written for

The history lesson and  more info is just because
( Because I'm a retired teacher and cant help myself ok...!
Like ya couldn't tell.. hehehe )

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