Kali by Pagan Art

Kali ... The Demon Slayer
Carver of the Path
Destroyer of Ignorance

Hail to Thee Dark Mother
Whose Sword preserved the Very Gods Home

Unafraid of the Dark Things of Night
Your Soul is Ever your Own

Bringer of Wisdom, to the Path you Bring Light
Destroyer of Ignorance, Ever Mans Blight

The Kiss of the Blade is Thy Domain
Its Keen Edge Cuts Deep into Mans Bane

Through the Still Night you Roam
Seeking thy foe, Demons of Hate
with Hearts Like Stone

In the Deep Spaces of the Night
Is thy Face found
Where the Moon Falls not Bright

Blessed Mother whose Hand is Sure
Help us to Find the way that is Pure

Cut Through the Doss and Entanglements of Mind
Your Sword Hand is Ready.. Blessed Be the Divine


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